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How is it that sperm turner gets used all the time here, but when I use a word that begins with b, referencing a woman's body, some here go ballistic, complaining to AC? "AC, SCSA's at it again"

As far as I'm concerned, both belong and are not offensive in any way. One of the things that make this place interesting/addicting is the color and the characters that hang out here. Take away the color, take away the characters, and what do you have left? Hyper friggin change cafe!

There's some back stabbing and sniveling going on here and it burns me. I for one think that those who are guilty are weasel mongers.

Are the rules different for some of us? I think they are. Then, do we really have to be worried about saying something that's a little off beat? I'm not talking about profanity or anything like that. BUT YOU GOT TO HAVE SOME FUN! If you can't, what's the use?<FONT size="1">

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SCSA, I think Joan will be honoured that you don't like her site.
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it's not the words it the way you use them.
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Okay, I'm with irul&ublo and ryan. Maybe some whining going on here.

Point taken, point made.
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What would Tony say?
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What word was that, SCSA?
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Banquet? Beer holder? Brillo pad? Bluefin tuna?
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Can't say it.

Okay, it begins with a t and rhymes with zits.
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Teats. Find 'em on a lotta female mammals. sometimes referred to as Twits, 'cause they're kinda like Twins.


(Paul, me thinks you misread my earlier entry, later deleted.)

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Tinkerbell has 5 of them. One had a tumor and had to be removed.
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Didn't AC (you know, the guy that PAYS FOR and RUNS this forum) make his wishes know on this issue? There ARE family members reading and many of the regular contributors would expect public pronouncements that are acceptable in "polite" society. If you can't accept that, go visit RSA and see what "freedom" deteriorates into.
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Offer still stands. If anyone wants me to delete the S**** Turner remark, I will.
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I should hope that kids are learning about the reproductive system of humans and animals in school. Sperm and eggs are natural and basic parts of life, and I think the usage here has been usefully descriptive and in a humorous spirit.

You want to *create* perverts and sexual offenders? Try and hide reality from them.
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I'm not going to be concerned about family members - if you're talking about kids.

First, primetime tv is much more vulgar than ANYTHING I've seen here, including put up by yours truly.

Then, what is it with parents who feel the need to get their kids involved with their lives? These same parents are all into that positive reniforcement crap. "Johnny. What do you think? Do you want to wear your sweater today? How do you feel about that, Johnny?". What a bunch of crap! You know how I do it? "SCSA junior, put on the ##$%^ sweater, or your butt's going to hurt so bad you won't be able to sit down till next week"!

I went to a concert a while back. I sit down next to this guy who brought his kid. So I torch up a ..... and the guy gives me the business. I'm like, "Screw you, pal. This is a concert, you're the one who brought your kid - you shouldda warned them. Now shut up and quit bugging me".

Same thing for those who feel the need to bring their kids to parties. What a bunch of dolts.

Same thing here. You, or anyone else wants to bring your kids, fine. But you better give them disclosure first.

Besides. Kids will think this is lame compared to what they see - all the time.

end of rant.<FONT size="1">

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We have to remember we are guests in AC's "house" so we are bound by his rules and requests. AC has been very clear in his wishes so regardless if there are worse places this does not need to be one of them.
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"It's your unlimited power to care and to love that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life."

Anthony Robbins
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Polite society? Hah! We are skiers! Who are by and large a more immoral group than the GP. Who by our rabid participation in a bourgeoius pastime display our hedonism to others. Not to mention the numerous instructors here, many of whom have lived the depraved lifestyle of the ski bum. Let's face it, our standards of conduct are far below "polite society".
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I respect that we are in his house. How many times do I have to say that? But AC needs to respect that we're all part of this primetime show called epic ski. We're the stars and we're the ones that people are coming to see. It's all about the content and nothing but the content. Who creates the content? We do!

And, since I've been back, I've yet to see where his rules are being broken. Then, I think if rules are being broken we ought to be able to solve problems like this amongst ourselves. I mean, he has better things to do I'm sure.

Fair enough?
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All I know is that watching guys do sperm turns looks perverted and if I had kids I wouldnt want them to see that. And if LM says one more thing about kegels I'm going to barf!
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You mean this is my 15 minutes of fame that Andy talked about.
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I'm not worried about MY children, SCSA. They're older than you. My teen-aged grandchildren are boarders who are more interested in the tunes they listen to than their technique.

I used to work in a state mental institution, so you can't begin to shock my sensibilities.

If you want to refer to physiological aspects of sexual differences that might relate to skiing somehow, it's OK provided you keep it scientific, I guess. Otherwise, what's the need for expletives? If you can't express yourself without expletives, regardless of the society you're in, you are not very expressive period. There are plenty of appropriate words for saying anything worth saying.

In Michigan, where I live, there have been two men sentenced to jail in the last year for excessive public use of expletives in the presence of women and children. It's a state law that's beginning to be enforced because too many people feel, like you, that they can show off any way they want.
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AOL is getting sued for not censoring it's bboards. Think about that.

(AC I don't think you have to worry, one of the key elements of the lawsuit is that the users were/are paying customers)
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Torch a bone in front of my kid on a lift and I will be fighting with several conflicting urges. And I realize that you indicated .......... concert.... not lift.

Anyone who lights up in front of kids is a horses ass anyway.... you seem to never fail to live up to your reputation.<FONT size="1">

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Oh horses ass yourself.<FONT size="1">

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Gee Wacker, is this thread even related to instruction or skiing?

Why post here on such drivel??? Chemically induced error??

Were you higher than 97% of the kids at the "concert"?<FONT size="1">

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Yeah, Pierre, eh? , I worked with Terry occasionally (it was a big place with numerous housing units spread over nearly 100 acres). The environment rubbed off more on some of us than on others :~). I haven't seen Terry or his Harley hat in years.

Hey, Yuki, nice one on the "higher than 97%..."
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I think you are mistaken. I think behavior has deteriorated in society and I hope it will improve. What is wrong with being a gentleman? Think of that word, "gentle-man". Is it kind or thoughtful to use expletives in front of a child? Four letter words have their place and are like a spice. I think they are often used by folks with little education who have a limited vocabulary. Subtle spice is better in any recipe.

I think at times you get a kick out of being at polar extremes. You love to take on a crowd. I think you enjoy a variety of things that deviate from the norm. I recall your admiration for the teenager who dressed a little differently. You called him a hero.

There is a place and time for all sorts of words. For the most part this forum is frequented by a wide variety of very intelligent people. You don't need to impress any of us with your command of four letter words. We're more interested in your ideas.

You're a great guy and a good skier. You don't need to say anything that borders on provocative.

I don't know what you lit at a concert, however, I would have asked you to extinguish anything that created smoke around my kid.

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Your presence was sorely missed. Hope you had a pleasant summer.
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Time to go back and listen to George Carlin's "7 words you can't say on television". Although, thinking about it now, I'd say that some of those words are probably heard on TV all the time these days....

P.S. And why IS this thread in the Instruction section?<FONT size="1">

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