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R.I.P. Toni Sailer

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A very sad day for ski racing fans.

"The end of an era, Toni Sailer dead at 73"
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An iconic image of Toni Sailer. 
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Sad news, indeed. Truly an icon of the sport. R.I.P.

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Killy was Grenoble 1968.  Toni was a gent.  I had the good fortune to work for him in the mid '70s with Nancy at the Whistler summer camp.  Good sense of humor.  Class act.
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 Weems dug up this gem

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While watching the video...One word, or better, a sentence was continously coming to my mind...

"Legs, those guys had to have legs, and I mean LEGS!" 
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That is awesome! The course was so bumpy, would be cool to see modern skiers take on something like that. Only thing that comes close is Val Gardena DH. Someone posted an airborne photo of Sailer in which his position looked really similar to current downhillers. 

Great stuff. So, in the video, every wipeout pretty much a broken leg, right? We're on non-release bindings at that point, no? And skis with or without edges?
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 All I could think is that (without negating the athletes of todays skiing world) Those guys/gals had to be tremendously athletic to use the gear of the day, on the terrain of the day and accomplish what they did.
I think I looked like this the whole time I watched that video...
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Here is a great quote from the end of the long obit in the NY Times (8/25)

Newsweek wrote in 1996 that Sailer “seemed to embody the pure mystique of skiing.”

“His courage and skill drove even his competitors to lyric flights,” the magazine added, then contributed one of its own:

“He is gentle with the snow. The language that the skis talk through the feet, to the legs and body, is a language unknown to most men and women, but is the whisper Sailer understands best.”

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Awesome video Trek.  Thanks for posting!

Not just the bumps, check out all the trees and buildings!
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Toni was a great friend to all the staff and campers at the Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp back in the 70's. I feel honored to have met him there during those wonderful summers. A great spirit and one of the best skiers ever. He will be missed!
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