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Nordica Nemesis?

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So I went to Volkl's website to see about a new pair of Volkl Auras, only to realize that they stopped selling the Aura in my size (177).  In an anger fueled massive internet ski search I turned up the Nordica Nemesis, which has the same dimensions as the Nordica Enforcer.  I wonder if the Nemesis has a different composition or if it is just a graphics change on the Enforcer.  I haven't found much information on the Nordica site, is there a Nordica rep or person in the know who knows what the deal with this ski is?  I liked the Aura but I have skied them into the ground.  I ski over 100 days per year, and am a good skier.  I skied the Enforcer and liked it, but wished it was just a tad softer, so if the Nemesis is softer it might be the perfect ski.  If not, I don't know.  I didn't think I'd be in this position because Volkl was still making the Aura.  I did ski the bridge, and didn't like something about it that I couldn't put my finger on. 

Oh yeah:
26 yo female
5'10 165
Level 9 skier
Mostly ski off piste, but need something that will not be a chore on groomers.. 
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Good on ya!!

You've discovered one of the best skis on the market in this width range. The Nemesis is maybe a little softer than the Enforcer.........but the main thing is that the Enforcer/Nemesis is a more balanced ski than the Mantra/Aura. I test about everything on the market (and own a Mantra) but feel that the flex balance of the the two Nordies is the key advantage over the Volkls. While ATEOTD either brand can provide a great ride for somebody, in this particular case, I find the Volkls overrated and the Nordicas underrated.

Also......(FWIW) we demoed both in our store last year and the Nordicas sold better off of the demos by about 2-1 and was by far our best seller in this width category (even with last years atrocious graphics).

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Are you going to demo the Nemesis from your shop again?  In a not-so rare twist of fate, I happen to be in the Truckee area until possibly mid-december before making my semi-annual cross country trip back to Colorado. Are you in North Lake or South Lake?
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Yes we will although we might not have a Nemesis in 177, we will for sure have the Enforcer in that length. The Nemisis wasn't around last year and the Enforcer is the one we sold to expert Women last year. One thing though, early Decmber is a bit of a crapshoot for snow. Last year we were not sending demos out until almost the middle of the month.

Truckee is @ the North end straddling I-80.

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 Bump for some new enthusiasm! 

I hear a rumour that, if I trade my kiku's in for the Nemesis, I'll ski like Robin Barnes.  Is there any truth to that?

Nemesis dims: 135-98-125
TR: 17 in a 169cm

Kiku(09) dims: 133-105-124
TR: 21 in a 168cm

I could be persuaded to demo the Nemesis. 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

 Bump for some new enthusiasm! 

I hear a rumour that, if I trade my kiku's in for the Nemesis, I'll ski like Robin Barnes.  Is there any truth to that?

I could be persuaded to demo the Nemesis. 

No question you'll ski like Robin (Barnes not Christopher) in fact the D-team is yours for the taking.

You could be persuaded to demo? arm twisting required??...........

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SJ and TC


A year later same thread.  Is there too much overlap with the Nemesis 169 (for skinning, pow, crud, trees) I picked up this summer at starthaus and some Line Prophet 186 cm for Alta powder and Mammoth powder bigger line skiing for my girlfriend?  What is the running length difference?  10cm due to the flat tails on the Nemesis?   She is 5'7" and 163 lbs (no gear).  The Prophets would be for the big dump days.  Her dynastar legends are only adequate on groomed runs with no more than an inch of fresh (way too much deflection).


Thanks.  Hopefully La Nina will be kind out here.



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Wellll...........the running surface on the P-100 is about 8-10 cm longer than the Nemesis and the Prophet is stiffer. FWIW........the guys that work here typically ski the P-100 in 186.



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Did someone call my name?


Altabrig, if I understand your post correctly, you want to know if the Nemisis is a good compliment to the Line Prophet in a 186 for your Girlfriend.


SJ answered the running length difference for you but I may add a question about the choice for the LP 186 for someone her size?  I'd bet that she will have tons of fun on the Nemesis, but why not go with something completely different and more apt for her size to compliment it in a quiver, like a Line Pandora for  Alta powder and Mammoth powder bigger line skiing.


I'm not too far off from her size, and though I may not be as aggressive as her, I can't imagine skiing the LP in 186.

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Thanks SJ and TC,


Yeah, I thought you would say the 186 would be too long for her.  I already boughtt the 169 Nemesis this summer.  I wanted her to have something that could keep up with my 195 motherships on wide open supersoft days.  I didn't realize the pandora was 115 underfoot. You are right that probably would float a little better.


I'll wait for the starthaus deals and go for a womens fatty instead of making her ride something too long and stiff.  The Nemesis look like they will be great for pushing the crud with little deflection and they should be pretty good in the pow for her too.



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The trouble with going to a longer stiffer set of skis is that its not going to help someone keep up nearly as well as being on the right ski, which may not be stiff or long.


There are plenty of women on the Nemesis that can keep up with the best of them, Robin Barnes comes to mind, so don't sell it short on what it can bring to the table.


My suggestion is to have her play on the Nemesis and then demo a powder ski when the day comes that she wants to and see which one puts the biggest grin on her face.

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Excellent advice.  The Nemesis may fill the bill for the powder anyways.  I am sure they will be awesome crud bashers for her.


Thank you.

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