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PSA - 195 Praxis Pows

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 I think this same thread was here on Epic, but it seems to have disappeared. I don't know the seller...

The pre-season sale price on 195 Praxis Powders is a crazy good deal. And if it is a handoff back to Keith (who makes them) then it seems as safe as any non-retailer type gear sale to me. I've been banging the crap out of my Praxis boards for two seasons & they have proven incredibly durable. This season's are supposedly a ton lighter (with no durability compromise) than the generation I'm on. IIRC something like a pound a ski - but don't quote me on it. And Keith claims the topsheet is more durable - topsheet edge chipping being the only "complaint" about the older ones.

This is a seriously sick ski. And to my knowledge the only full R/R ski in production today.

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I second how rad they are. They allow you to do cartoon stuff in powder and really aren't that bad in non-soft snow. Still no core shots and I skied them early season and came up short while hauling assover a scree roller. And the 195 turns on a dime. No need to go short for tight trees.

You will not be disappointed.
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