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Rode raystown again this weekend.

52 miles on saturday and another 15 miles sunday morning made an awesome weekend!! there was also some swimming, camping, and beer drinking interspace in there. The allegrippis trails at raystown continue to impress. They do not get boring at all. Just miles of hammering pedals, railing corners, pumping roller and airing table tops.


On the way to Raystown

Jeff (aka Pasucks) hits the escape button

Caleb is old school

Rae loves it and so will you

Where's waldo?

this gal wasnt happy I took her web out

hey whats up fool.

John railing the big wheels, which is WAY tougher

Mike cruising on ground and in the air



Wheelie? why not, its fun =)

what makes rae smile?

Rollercoaster, oh oh, thats what!

The speeds are unbelieveable!! you can average 15 mph for a couples here easy.

take off

so yeah we had one mishape. Caleb decided that he didnt need to stay on the ground during one of the pump track sections. Just remember with speed and flow comes danger. Caleb hit the uphill of the next roller after airing off the last one.

his helmet split in 2. injury list is as follows

lacerations to the face
gnarly deep cut on his right elbow
broken left hand
swollen left knee suspected ligiment tears

he is smiling here because adreline is a really powerful drug and has he said, it is merely a flesh wound.