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Hey bears,

Hope you're all having a stellar summer!  Anyway, I left my job in NYC last month, and am now going to be living my dream of cycling across the country!(though not exactly the whole way east to west - I'm going from Pittsburgh, PA to San Francisco)  I'll be taking off this week, but as I'm not dead set on a particular route yet(aside from a stop in Denver, CO), I'd love some suggestions about things to see along the way, or particular route recommendations.  I'm figuring on camping out most nights as well, so if you've got advice on where to stop, I'd appreciate that too!

For those interested, I've also got a blog going now( where I'll be doing daily updates on whatever it is I'm seeing/doing, as well as some gear reviews - and the comment sections are wide open, so feel free to chime in!

See ya out there,