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Ive only started skiing a few yrs ago, would consider myself somewhere like intermediate.

Anyway, Ive been looking for a decent ski jacket (not necessarily for the slopes but also for winter, I live in MN where temp are -10 to 5 F in the winters). I came across this website,, that claims that the quality of their stuff is pretty good. Im sure its not as good as real arc'teryx but i wondered if anyone has bought anything from this website or knows of the quality of this stuff. They say that the stuff is frm the same factory where real stuff is made and shipped.

Personally, Im from a country that exports a lot of shirts, polos, jeans and I was always able to find stuff that was as good quality at cheap rates because minor defeats like a tread was coming out or there was a dirt mark, etc. these obviously dont bother me as they are be corrected if the price is adjusted down.

Please let me know if you have seen or used this fake stuff, dont guess as I know what the guess will always be.