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Major problem......

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I just realized that my "new" Head Monster 78's with RF 12's and Falcon boots are all red.....
Is this going to negatively effect my skiing ability?

This could be a serious issue...

I am concerned
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 This is bad, very very bad.  You must buy new gear that doesn't match immediately!
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If you consider going faster than the speed of light a negative effect, then yes it will!
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 not a problem as long as you score one of those super fly red Spyder jackets...
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I cant.... I just got the bindings put on...

Is there some sort of mojo dance or something i can do?  Maybe Ullr will forgive if I pour a brew over the tips and ask for forgiveness...

Maybe if I get a red one piece suit I can call it a retro thing?
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Like dookey should have said in his empty box. Don't be wasting the beer.

If you buy that suit don't forget to post a picture here so we can admire your steeziness.
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Krylon fixes just about any color problems.  3 or 4 cans and you have tie dye. 

Do the boots red skis are best.
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