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taos ski valley ski lockers

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does anyone know who rents ski lockers at Taos Ski Valley. I want to use the shuttle this year but I don't like putting my skis in the rack on the back of the bus.

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I looked into it last year, and if I recall correctly, the snakedance hotel has some lockers for rent. You should call them and ask.
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thanks - I'll check it out
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Yes,  I have had a locker at Snakedance for the last 4 years - $495/year.  You get access to locker room, restroom and workout facilities (not much there).  I hear they have a waiting list but I am not sure on that.  If you score a locker, let me know.  They actually have 2 locker rooms - one is where the workout equip. and hot tub is, the other one is across the hall near the front desk - I am located in the one across the hall near the front desk
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