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What's New In The August 18, 2009 Release
Primary Focus Of Release
  • Back end software changes
  • Major changes to Facebook Connect handling
  • Minor user interface enhancements
  • Modifications to Facebook Connect experience: users with their Facebook accounts linked now have the option to publish their forum posts and reviews without being prompted in a popover.  Allowing additional site access to Facebook allows users to take advantage of enhanced interface and choose which content is published via a check box on forum posts and reviews.
  • "Other Threads" module added to right hand column in thread view: when viewing a thread, a new module appears in the right column displaying "Other Threads" which have been written in the same sub-forum.
  • Customization of Own It, Want It, and Had It terminology on a per category basis:product categories can now have customizable Own It/Want It/Had It labels; for example, on, you can "Want To Go" to a ski resort or indicate that you've "Been There".
  • FCK Editor bug in forums fixed: with this edge case bug, occasionally when engaging a thread page prior to a full load, the FCK Editor would jump to the top left hand corner.  This issue has been resolved.
  • Page jumping issue on thread pages in IE6 and 7 fixed: with this edge case bug, when a user had engaged the cursor in the quick reply box and used the browser scroll bar, the page would occasionally jump to the former position.  This issue has been resolved.