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New Ski's for the Season

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Just wondering if there are any new All Mountain ski's coming this season that are interesting and should be looked at.  I am an east coaster and currently am running on Nordica Hot od Nitrous from a few year ago.
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Two very good skis in the middle width range are the Dynastar Sultan and the Nordica Burner. Both are flat, non system skis, with metal and offer great grip to along with soft snow versatility. On the wider side, the Blizzi Cronus and Atlas are both new and are really good.

Depnds upon how you'd like the ski to differ from what you have.

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Thanks SJ.  Guess I am looking for something different than what I have.  That said however, I love the Nitrous and assume the Burner is similar.  Main reason I am looking to change is I want to go a ittle longer.  I have 170's now.  I am 6' and 250#.  Was thinking to move to a 178.
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I have liked Nordicas since the Hot Rod line came out and the Nitrous has always been my favorite. The Burner is different in that is a flat deck ski without the "shoulders" that have been part of the system ski layup. The result is a ski that is a little lighter but less damp. The Burner is actually closer to the Afterburner in shape @ 84mm waist width and is in a dead heat with the Sultan as my personal ski in this width range for the upcoming season.

BTW....yes, go longer.

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Thanks again SJ.  I will have to check them out.  Went to Nordica's website however, and did not see them.  Are they new for '09/10?
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Yep...it's a '9-10

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 You should check out the Kastle MX 78.  All wood core, vertical side wall, several binding options, though I really enjoyed it with the Jester.  The wider binding platform, really helps deliver better edge grip.  
121/78/105 176cm @ 18m. 

I skied this during PSI Academy at Snowbird on varying conditions and terrain.  Also ripped them on a few great firm mornings at Okemo....DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

I think you can get a demo over at Ski Company in Rochester.  
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 I agree with Jim the new Nordica HR Burner Pro, although has the same dimensions as its system counterpart skis vastly different. If someone liked a Monster 82, they will love this ski. The Kastle 78 is also another very nice ski. I am carrying both but am on the otehr side of the state from you. I will have the Kastles in a demo. 
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Volkl has a new cut of the Tigershark this year, the 11ft. If its anything like the 12ft, they should be great skis.
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