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Finally taking the leap

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This is my first (or second actually) post to the forum but have turned to the epic ski forums over the last year or so for some great input.  I am moving to aspen (pending the job fair next thur) and was wondering if anyone had any cautionary tails or words of advice about potential traps or common mistakes made by flatlanders like myself on the move out there.  Planning on working for the Aspen Skiing Company and have tons of resort (not ski related) experience but have never been there before.  I am really excited but dont have unrealistic expectations.  It would be nice, but I know it will not be like Aspen Extreme although fun to think about. 

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You will have a blast!!!

As an observer from the ski instructional side, I regard Aspen Skiing Company is the gold standard in the industry.

Welcome to EpicSki!
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Have a blast, these will be your, 'good old days'. 

For advice; TAKE MORE MONEY!
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thanks for the encouraging comments.  I hope it doesnt put me too far into debt and am trying to put myself in the best possible position for maximum skiing time and income.
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be humble, learn from the locals, don't live with anyone with the last name of Pittman.......and remember you can't keep up!

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don't live with anyone with the last name of Pittman

...Or Longet
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thanks for the tip, just bought it on amazon
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