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We typically ski in a group of three to six 40+ guys that prefer bumps and trees.  The typical lift comment after a good bump run is "damn I "lost" my (wallet, keys, phone) on that last run".  We need to go back and find it.  Invariably some poor soul will say "really" and we say yup, come help us look.  Sometimes we will make a new friend, and sometimes that person skis quickly in the opposite direction.  What can I say, bumps will do that to ya. 

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I love bumps.  They are my passion.  I think about them often.  I will even skin up at my ski hill to get a bump run.  I turn non bump terrain into bumps.  Any little pile of snow becomes a bump. 

When I think about skiing the zipperline I imagine the way my dog's hips wiggle when she wages her tail.

I enjoy the bumps in the cascade snow.  Some times they are soft and sometimes they are death ice.  But even when icy you can still find me skiing the bumps right under the chair.  The people in the chair motivate me to really perform.  I'm the chick in the pink coat.

One thing to remember...get shorter poles!
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I still love bumps and I'm 52 years old.
Especially good ones (round, rhythmic).  Deep ruts are ok too, though not as nice.  It's the hacked up jumbled ones created by skiers (and riders) scared out of their minds that annoy me. 

Me, too, and I'm 54. 

Agreed that the people who have no business being out there make horrible bumps that defy you to find a line through them.  But when you find a nice field of moguls, it's heaven.  The few times I skied the new Sagamore trail at Gore, it was like that: great bumps with great lines that seemed to go on forever.
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I love to ski them even though I suck at it. I'm good enough to get bored on the groomers but not very good at the bumps...but god knows I try. I wear myself out trying. I'm 49 and from Mississippi and didn't ever see a slope until I was mid 30's so give me a break. I live to get really good on the bumps...I guess its the lifetime of motocross in me.
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Short skis, long skis, or skis off and face first.  I love the bumps.  I will take them on two skis or one, ice capped or invisible in a field of fluffy white powder.  At the end of a great mogul day I wonder what could be better.
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Night skiing the bumps while it snows?



And I forgot in my long winded post above to mention fun in the:

Slush Bumps!

And since there are so many people now, you even find bumps in the trees.

Try this next time you are out. When I first started learning, I got very frustrated going out of control so easily after only a few turns, so I only made 1 turn then stopped. That got pretty boring after a while, so I then made 2 turns and stopped. Then 3. Etc. This way you are (mostly) always in control, and while you seem to inch your way down, the end results pay off, without wearing yourself out. Now I stop only when I get to the lift (alas, and run out of bumps).


And another thought - the days when it starts snowing late in the morning (and keeps going) seem to be special. Most people disappear by 2:00 and there is so much untracked snow in the bumps you wind up crossing your own tracks run after run.

But then, if it is snowing hard, you can ski the same run all afternoon and never find your tracks again. . .

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Originally Posted by Spongeworthy View Post

The few times I skied the new Sagamore trail at Gore, it was like that: great bumps with great lines that seemed to go on forever.
That was a great trail last winter...it's first season at Gore!  However, that is all going to change this year when there is snow making on Sagamore.  It will turn into an ice field like the rest of Gore.  They'll probably groom it as well.    
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I LOVE to try them.  I'm not good at them but I think that's part of the challenge.  I like things I have to work on and I love getting better.  :) 
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sunny day
large round mounds
ski the troughs
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I ski mostly the frontside, so I always looked at the hard icey moguls you typically encounter inbounds as a neccesary evil and a nuisance -- kind of like the speed bumps they put in some parking lots. For me, they are a terrain feature to ski simply because they are in the way from getting to point A to point B on a run. I have never sought out bump runs simply for the enjoyment of skiing bumps.  With that being said, it's probably a good idea to be comfortable enough with them to be able to navigate through a field, unless you like wasting time having to find another trail or going around the run because their are moguls on it.
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Love em- will ski the same run over and over if it is the only run with bumps.  Skiing without bumps doesn't do a lot for me unless it is powder-- or unless I am skiing with my kids.  Will ski them exclusively even after thaw freeze when they are the worst snow on the mountain-- My 7 yo seems to have taken to the bumps- so I look forward to the day when I struggle to keep up with him...
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