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The Edge of Never

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The Edge of Never is a documentary film inspired by the book of the same title by William A. Kerig.  Kerig, along with Peter Schweitzer produced the film which was shot in high definition in Chamonix, France and features big mountain skiers Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup, and Trevor and Kye Peterson.

This movie has all the loud music and action you've come to expect from ski films, but unlike most, The Edge of Never combines those elements with mythic storytelling to produce an experience that's fun, meaningful and memorable.  Follow Kye Peterson on his journey to conquer some of the world's most dangerous mountains and ski the very same run that claimed the life of his father, Trevor Peterson, in 1996.

Check out the official trailer --->

And find out when and where you can catch the film on tour this fall by checking out The Edge of Never Film on
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 Dan, I've been following Bill Kerig's (SkiWrite on EpicSki) process with this movie on Facebook.
I'm in awe of his vision and dedication to the real aspects of extreme skiing.
His movie(s) is/are not a travelog for Rotary club night, hyping resorts.  His talent brings the realness closer to home and touches our hearts with this intense passion.
I literally got chills when I heard Kye's grandma say, "He said, I want to see what my dad last saw"

Here is the thread where we've been discussing the movie
Edge of Never Movie

Here is the embed of the trailer.
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I would love to see this film.... it looks like MORE than a ski film.... but, being in NW NJ and Killington VT there are just no locations close enough.... Perhaps someone from the film will see this thread and rethink their east coast stops....
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 Sorry we didn't get to the Big K, but you can see The Edge of Never on Showtime on Friday, Feb. 5th at 8pm.
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The Edge of Never was on RadX TV last weekend, I pvr'd it and have watched four more times with my kids. I have now purchased the dvd. I can't say enough how powerful this movie is.

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I really loved The Edge of Never. It's the kind of ski movie I hope others aspire to, as it has a compelling narrative in addition to the amazing ski footage.


I also think that it's a very provocative film. For me, skiing isn't something worth dying for. I recognize that even the groomers on my local hill have risks, but it's very different from ski mountaineering in a place like Chamonix where a fall could mean death. I totally understand and respect that there are many willing to take those risks, and I'm glad there are because it's inspiring. But I don't think a 15 year-old is competent to make that choice. Of course Kye wanted to do it... 15 year-olds are invincible. I'm not sure how I felt about those guys bringing Kye to Cham. Granted, he had the best people in the world taking care of him... but still. If I was his Grandmother? No way. Early in the film when Kye is talking with Anselme Baud, I got the feeling that Anselme wasn't so hot on the idea, either. He was looking at Kye in a way that said to me, "This kid is too young to understand the dangers of this place and he doesn't yet respect it enough."

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