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Breckenridge for Winter Season

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Good evening all. I am from Canada and love to ski.

I do at least one ski resort trip a year.

I was wondering with Breckenridge, when would the season be good to ski at?

I was told This area gets snow in November. How good would the snow and runs be for Beginning of December? would most runs be open?

I am organizing a Meetup with Travbuddies for this area.

So anyone else wanting to come, I am looking at dates still to decide when to get the group to come out.

What is everyone's opinion of Breckenridge vs Aspen or Vail?

like everyone's 2 cents.

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Aspen, Vail, Breck.


In that order (for me).

Not sure about November though.

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I'd skip Breck in that time frame.  Most of the fun runs (snow permitting) open right before Christmas week, but you still shouldn't expect full operation there till sometime in January.  The best snow there is in the Spring in general. Avoid Breck any of the full weeks of March.....it's VERY crowded.

Vail usually has a lot of early season snow.  Most of the runs there should open around 12/10 or so if they are off to their usual start. 

The best snow at Breck and Vail are usually early Spring.  There are lots of seasons where snowfall is limited from January - early March,  making advance planning a crap shoot.

Can't help with Aspen....sorry!
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Originally Posted by at_nyc View Post

Aspen, Vail, Breck.


In that order (for me).

Not sure about November though.

Me too!   Aspen by quite a margin IMHO,  Breck falls way behind both.  Good skiing in November is possible, but not the norm. 
Usually by mid December it starting to get pretty good. 
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Lots of folk disrespect Breck.  They don't know the mountain.  It has great terrain for the expert skier, but you have to know where to look for the goods.  And because much of it can be wind-affected, you need to be able to ski variable terrain, or know what terrain is likely to have been affected by wind.

That being said, my preferences in ski areas are: Aspen, Breck, Vail.  Vail has a great amount of terrain, but little of it is very steep.  If you want steep challenging off-piste terrain, then Breck is a better choice  than Vail (let the flame war erupt).

Breck gets hammered by crowds on the weekends and during any holiday.  That's also true these days for Vail (because of the Epic pass).  Aspen beats both because there rarely is much traffic, and it has some great terrain.

So, what kind of skiing are you looking for?  If folk are predominantly intermediate skiers, then either Vail or Aspen would be good places to hit, although my nod would go to Aspen because it is less crowded than Vail.  If you want steep challenging terrain, then either Aspen or Breck will work.  One advantage for Breck is that it is pretty easy to take a day at Vail if you wish.

In terms of timing, Aspen and Vail are better bets than Breck early season (before January).  Breck opens much of its terrain between Thanksgiving (late November) and Christmas, but you are pretty likely to find a bunch of rock gardens.

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Agree with most of the last 3 comments.  Except that Aspen's snowfall is lower than Vail's and some of its terrain is much steeper.  Therefore best to wait for February/March to assure all of it being open.  Vail is quite good mid-December through January, excepting the holiday zoo week for crowds of course.
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