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"Hips over the Feet"

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Read this phrase in a friends PSIA magazine Saturday night.

"BINGO", "Oh my GOD!", the light came on. I have found the key to the next break though. This step has brought together the other pieces of the puzzle to getting forward. I thought I had the "shin tongue" contact thing figured out and friends were saying I still ski on my heels at times and seem to be rocking back and fourth tring to find center. That phrase tied it together for me. I spend about 4 hours learning that movement on Sunday. WOW the angles I can create and I no longer see the tips of my skis in my field of vision. To bad I have to be at work today. I'd like to practise this more, now I have to wait until next weekend. I didn't sleep much last night, kept thinking about "Hips over the Feet". I may have to take a Vacation Day.

I hope this will help some of you instructors. I just wanted to share what works for me. I know there are lots of pieces to the puzzle, and everyone learns different.
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Hips over ankles.... same angle for lower leg & back....
shoulders over toes(yeah thats the canadian instructor)....
STRETCH arms another "this much" forward (this much = about 1.5-2 inches from memory)....(Australian - not so fussed about the shoulder hunch thing the canadians have going)
elbows in not out.....

Stack weight on bones... don't lean or push....

You want any more I'm sure I could dredge some more up....
Sort of have a list of them from learning how to stand upright....

Keep pelvis rotating through transitions is another
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