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To go fat or not so fat

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Hoping I can get some advice from all you experts out there to point me in the right direction.  I just moved out to Alberta and will be spending my first full season out in in the Alb/BC rockies. I am looking at some new skis and trying to decide what to do.  my details:

155 lbs
level 8ish
been skiing on '04 K2 public enemy's

I was originally thinking of going for something in the all-mountain, 80-90mm waiste range to replace the PE's. BUT, then I remembered I love those skis and think I should keep those as my "all-purpose" option for the days on groomers with the girlfriend and adding a more powder-centric ski to have fun with when she's not around (which is most of the time).  I definitely wouldn't call myself a great (maybe not even 'good') powder skier, but I'll be out 30ish days this year and have plans to grow.
I've been doing some reasearch but would appreciate a little pointed advice, as opposed to the generic "these are the best thing since sliced bread" buyers guides reviews.  I don't have anything on my short list right now, but am looking for something that will make me smile on a typical western day in the steeps, trees and bowls.  I was looking at the watea 94, but that might be too close my PE's (which I believe ar 80mm??) to make that much of a difference in the deep stuff.  Thgoughts???

Thanks in advance!
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If you're replacing the PEs with a single pair of skis, mid-90s should be a good option.

If you're planning to complement the PEs with a different pair, something in the high 90s to low 110s would probably be a better bet.
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I'll most likely keep the PE's.  Still in good shape and do what I need them to around the lifts or when it gets hard/icy.  I skied them on the....ummm...."hills" in Ontario in between trips and they hold they're own when it gets slick.  Looking build the quiver me thinks.
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The Watea 94 for your size is good place to start..  Also try the Volkl Mantra 96 underfoot, VERY versatile in hard to soft snow..  Line Prophet 90 would should also be considered, very similar to the Mantra in terms of feel..  Mantra will be the stiffest of the three...  If going fatter try the Volkl Gotama as well, (this years version), I personally have the gold 07/08 version and LOVE them, most versatile ski I own, can go anywhere and do anything in most any condition..
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I've been looking very seriously at the Watea 94, don't seem to be too many negative things to say about it and seems to fit the bill of what I'm looking for.  Same with the goats...how do you find them in powder?  I've heard some people say that the tips have a tendancy to dive on them?? Mantra may be a little stiff for me.
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Take a look at the Gotamas, at 105mm underfoot, they would be a good complement to your PEs. I got last year's model and they are really fun to ski on powder, you can carve some nice turns on hardpack, and are quite manageable on bumps. They changed the design this year so I don't know how they ski now, but if you want the previous design (no rocker), I've seen it on sale in a few places for $300 or so.
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I am a big fan of the Watea 94 and think that it is a great Western 1SQ. However, if you are going to keep the PE's, then I agree that you could go wider. There are a lot of really good skis in the ~~ 100-115mm range. Many have already been mentioned but and a couple that haven't are the Blizzard Answer and the P-100 from Line.

I ski on a lot of skis in this width range and own a Gotama as well as some others. The Gotama is good at most things and you couldn't really go wrong with that one. Last season I found that I preferred the Blizzi Answer over the Goat and had they been available when I bought the Goat, I would have bought the Answer instead.

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I live in Sparwood and ski Fernie, Louise, Castle etc. so know your terrain and snow very well. 
I also suggest you consider the Prophet 100 as it is by far the most versatile midfat on the market and will compiment your PEs nicely. They are superb powder skis (especially at your weight), lightning fast in trees and chutes, have a little metal so give nothing away on groomers and are suprisingly quick in the bumps. They ski short so you should go either 172 or 179 (my wife is 5'5"/110 lbs and rips on the 179 but she's exceptional). The only time I wouldn't use them would be those -30C boilerplate concrete days at Louise. Check the reviews on teton gravity and the line website http://lineskis.com/skis/prophet-100
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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post

I am a big fan of the Watea 94 and think that it is a great Western 1SQ. However, if you are going to keep the PE's, then I agree that you could go wider.

I own the watea 94, and I definitely agree with SierraJim.  If you're keeping the PE's (and it sounds like you definitely are), I'd look for something wider.  His suggestion of the 100-115 range I think is spot on and would complement your PE's well.
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Welcome to Calgary, the Rockies and to Epic.  I think you'll find plenty in all three place to enhance your skiing.  I own Lou's Skiing Performance Centre in town and am one of the bootfitting guys in the Ask the Bootfitters forum.  There isn't a lot in the shop yet for selection, but Heads are in as are some Stocklis.  We also sell Scotts and Voile.  Address is 4629 Bowness Rd. N.W. , phone is 288-8556.   Still on limited summer hours, Thurs & Fri noon - 6 and Sat 10-5.  But stop in and say hi, we may be able to help.

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I'm in banff and updating my web site this weekend.

and I'll have some fischer 106's in 170 or 180cm and a bunch of other stuff.   No new, but also priced used too,

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I ski in the glades a lot. I find that using my old Atomic R:10 in the glades are great when the snow is somewhat packed but they're useless when there's over a foot of powder. When there's some powder, I used a pair of Atomic Suger Daddy skis, which are pretty wide, they're amazing in powder of any depth. I used them when it snowed over 6 feet on one weeked at Jay Peak, Vermont and that was the best skiing of my life. They're not so great on packed snow however and neither at high speeds.

So it really depends on the conditions you ski in, Fat skis in Powder, All terrain skis on groomed runs and packed snow.
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Definitely agree with the general advice provided.  It sounds as if you plan to keep your PE's--which are a really solid all mtn ski.  Grab something in that 100-110 range like the Prophet 100, Gotama or similar.  SJ knows about the Blizzi Answer but I've never ridden it.  I really don't think that you could go wrong with any reputable ski in this size range.  You'll see a major improvement in soft snow performance not even that large of a penalty when you ski soft groomers on them.  I would really try to find last year's ski in any of these and grab the best deal you can find.  
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Thanks for the inputs guys!!  You've solidified my decision to go 100-110mm for sure.  I was looking into the prophet 90, so the 100 seems like a logical pick.  Not too much info around on the Answer, but I'll keep digging and see what I can find.  Any thoughts on some of the more interesting designs like the Armada JJ?  Seems to get be getting rve reviews over on TGR.

Lou and mntlion, thanks for the heads up.  I will definitely drop by in the next couple weeks and check out your shops!

Cheers all and thanks again for the input.

PS - Is it a little sad that it's only August and I'm already done with summer and waiting for the cold temps?  My girlfriend thinks I'm nuts!!!
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I just got in some fischer 106's in 170 and 180.

$300 CND,   in nice shape.


Lou will be getting in new stuff ASAP, and might have some old stock on sale too?
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Keep the PEs for rock skis, and get a 07/08 Dynastar Legend Pro Rider, 176, and you're good to go..

This length is not as stiff as the longer lengths, and ideal for lighter weight skiers...
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