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I am currently looking to purchase some powder skis.  I am a 5'3" 140lb woman.  I am an advanced skier and am looking for some skiis that will be better for when I go out west.  I currently ski on a rossignol scratch girl FS 148 and they are great for here in Vermont, but just don't kick it when I ski out west, they are too short, and cannot handle deep snow or crud.  I like to ski the steeps, woods, and mogels.  Last year I skied in Alaska, and I tried to demo some powder skis, but the weather was not very cooperative, and we only got one powder day, the other days the snow was real heavy, but I demoed the Volkl Aura, and I thought they skiied good over the crud and heavy deep snow, but they were quite heavy and they were terrible on the groomed trails that I had to take to get back to the base of the mountain.   I want a ski that will hold up in deep snow both fluffy and heavy, and that I can ski in the mogels, and that will not kill me on the groomers that are often inevitable.  I am currently thinking about the K2 Phat Luv, K2 Missbehaved, the Head sweet fat thang, the Dynastar she's Trouble, or the Rossignol Scratch Girl BC (since I love the FS though I have heard they are not all the great in the powder).  Any other suggestions? Also, what size should I get for any of these skis? I was thinking of somewhere around a 160. I just don't know what to look for, and it is pretty hard to demo fat skis in the east, and when I do find a time to demo they usually don't have anything I am interested in, or anything in my size.