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New Year, New Ski's

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Any reco's out there for new ski technology coming on the market?  I now have Fischer Rx8's and Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous in the quiver.  Looking to step into something new for the season.  Any thoughts on what to look at.  Ski mostly east coast and no off-piste (the old legs can't take it).  Thanks Bears.
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 Replacing either of these skis or adding a third?
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Most likely replacing the Fischers as they are older.  Was looking last year at the Salomon X-Wing Tornado TI, but have read a few downer posts on them.  Just wondering if there is anything new out there worth jumping into.  I really like the Hot Rod's but I am also thinking I may want to go a little longer.  Have 170's now.  Thinking 178's to carry my 6' 250# body.
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