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something to ponder

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Good one, Bonni. I've never been much of a Thoreau fan, but I do like that one! As an Austrian instructor once told me, "Ze mountain vill teach you...."

Best regards,
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Yes, the mountain will teach you something different every time you're there! :
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Hi Bonni.

My friend, Tom Crum, when he teaches us centering, says, about skiing and aikido:

When you move, move like a river, when you are still, be still like a mountain.

(He then adds that the mountain stillness is a living, dynamic stillness that teaches much.)

This learning from the mountain is our stock in trade.
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Here's an interesting article from 23 years ago that grew out of a self-image controversy that Outward Bound was having with itself.


This issue is still being debated among adventure programing people. Some of the questions are relevant to snowsports instructors, too. Is it our job to intellectually and verbally analyze the experience for our students or are we more effective if we simply facilitate "guided discovery", letting the physical experience and the mountain be the teacher?

Who is better served by all of the in-depth analysis - the student or the teacher?

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