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All mountain do everything mid-fat for Colorado skiing

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I just moved to Denver and am looking at purchasing a pair of skis that will last several seasons for me as a do everything/quiver of one ski. I'm an intermediate-advanced lvl skier who is fairly athletic and will most likely be improving quite a bit since i will be skiing 15-25 days this year vs. the usual 5-6 days on the east coast for the past 10 yrs.The skis i've been trying to decide between are the Line Prophet 90's or 100's, Volkl Mantra's, or Rossi S5. I'm a pretty big guy 6'3", 210lbs and am thinking of probably a length around 180cm, (Mantra would have to decide between 176 and 184??) Any thoughts between these guys since they are fairly similar skis? Also any thoughts on good boots, I've been trying on stock stuff at some local stores, but there isn't much in stock right now.
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Welcome to EPIC Denverski. I cannot help with a ski choice since i am an East Coaster, But i would suggest reconsidering the 15-25 days this season. Living in Denver i hope you can squeeze at least 30 days this year for all of us Mid Atlantic skiers who can only enjoy the Rockies by living vicariously through all the trip reports that yall westeners post. Enjoy your time in Denver and good luck.
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kine 100's or 90's are agood choice for sure. I would also throgh in a Icelantic Nomad (111- 19mTR) or Pilgrim 90 underfoot especially since they are made in Co and Icelantic HQ is right Downtown off 25!
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There are so many choices in this general category.  It may make sense to buy two pair used, see which one you use more often and then go from there.   The suggestions above are excellent and of course there are the usual 80-100cm suspects

Blizzard 8.1 or 8.7
scott mission
moment reno/ruby
prophet (im not a k2 guy but i like the line skis)
And one of the regular supporters to this forum speaks very very highly of the elan 888
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Trust me if you're going to ski more than 25 days a year you should think about having more than one pair of skis. All the 90+ skis you mentioned will work fine here on all but the deepest days but how about something for when it  hasn't snowed for a while. Used deals are great this year. In the last 4 months I've bought three pair, all in like new condition, two with bindings, for just over $600 total.

Here's a cheap, easy to find, good all around non-powder suggestion. K2 Public Enemy. Get the 179. Don't pay more than $200, used in good/excellent shape, w/bindings. Add a Prophet 100, Goat, or whatever for soft days and you're all set. Plus changing skis adds a little variety when you start skiing a lot.

Labor Day is the start of ski selling season here. Look for sales on boots then. What fits is what's right.
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i would have to agree if he's going to hit that 20 day mark. Also look into a pair of used HB's or last season's Seths as well.
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Welcome to CO.

If you are serious about getting the right boot, I would suggest a visit to Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge (http://www.bootfixation.com/).  He woriks out of a shop, but is not selling their boots and will tell you what you should be looking to buy. 

As far as skis go, lots of good choices.  I like the idea of getting good deals on 2 pair and would be inclined to get one 75 mm or less under foot unless you plan to only ski soft snow days.  I picked up a pair of '09 Dynastar Contact 10s (same as '07 C-11 & '08 Ltd) in the spring that make a very good early/late season and on piste ski. 

I too would recommend the 888 as a 1SQ based on the limited time I spent on JMDs- holds a nice edge for a wider ski and is wide enough for most CO days (note- I skied it spring on and off piste, but with no new snow).  I also have a pair of unmounted 184 cm Watea 84s that would be a good 1SQ- JMD has been trying to convince me that they overlap too much with my C-10s & Misfits, so I might be will to part with them for $299 if you are interested.   
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Welcome to Epic and the Denver Area. If you can only swing one ski I would recommend the Elan 888s(184). Dawgcatching has an excellent review on this ski. As many other poster suggested you may like to look at two pairs, one for on piste and no new snow lately(70-80mm), another for off piste and fresh snow(100-120). Buying used but not abused skis makes owning several pairs any economical option. I moved to Summit County last year and can testify you will experience both conditions frequently. MEfree30 and stevesmith7 offered good options. Good luck, check out the Gatherings and get together listing when A-Basin opens in October.
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I'm very impressed with the versatility of the Atomic Snoops- I use them as my everyday ski, and have a pair of K2 Coombas that I won at last year's Aspen ESA and use for big snow days. Even the Coombas and the Gotamas will surprise you at their versatility- you would not expect them to rail and carve so nicely and easily on the groomed.
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What about the K2 silencer, I know you said the public enemy, but i can get a new silencer setup with bindings for less than $200
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