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Good deal for '09 Volkl AC30s?

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I was quoted $779.95 out the door for '09-10 Volkl AC30 system (170) including binding installation at the local shop.  I like the ski and while I'd like to keep the business local, I need to have accounting (wife) approval.  Is there enough difference between this year's version and the '08-09 version for the difference in price?  I've seen the '09 on-line for a bit less than the latest version but haven't purchased skis on-line before.  Any advice is appreciated.
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Unless I'm mistaken, the changes were in the 2008-09 model, which went to a 76mm waist.

Backcountry.com has them for $630, about a 20% savings.  In my book, that's significant.

That said, why are you so gung ho on the AC30s -- did you demo them last season and love them?  If not, I'd consider holding off, because neither $630 nor $780 is a good deal unless you're gung-ho crazy about them.
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Thanks.  I skied the AC2 a couple of years ago when I happened to be at Loveland for a demo day and I really liked them.  Honestly, I wish I'd have purchased a pair back then.  As far as the AC30 goes, I am certainly willing to wait for a better deal if it can be had and am willing to compare it to other choices.  I've tried to pay attention to the insights of the other posters regarding a good ski choice for a 5'11'' 170# solid intermediate skier who rarely ventures off-piste and wants to improve.  Unfortunately, I am land-bound in Ohio so the ability to demo is pretty limited.  I didn't get the sense that there was a significant difference between the '08 and the '09 AC30 and the local shop has an '09 pair for $500 out the door.  We go to Steamboat in January of each year and I hope to make it to Whistler for some spring skiing so I was considering taking the plunge this year instead of renting.  After doing a bit more reading, it is my impression the the Volkl AC Motion is a renamed AC2 with an reworked binding/interface.  I have found this ski for as low as $309 ('09)  What is the impression of this ski for my ability/goals?
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How long are you going to be in Steamboat?

My advice would be to demo a few different pairs there, decide what you like, and take advantage of the sales that will start around President's Week to buy a pair to take to Whistler in the spring.

Either that, or keep an eye out for a pair of used skis with similar specs at a price that makes them cheaper than demoing, play with them in Steamboat, and decide what you like and don't.

The problem is, the AC2 isn't the same ski as the AC30.  They really behave differently.  You might love them, but if you don't, you'll have to either eat the $500 or sell them to someone.  On the plus side, Volkls tend to hold their value better than most, but it's really a pain you don't want.
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We'll be in Steamboat for a week in late January.  The more I read about the AC30, the more I'm concerned that it is not the right ski for me.  It sounds like it is a bit more geared to a more advanced skier than myself with a bit less forgiveness.  I've read a bit about the AC Motion (which, if I understand correctly in '07 was the AC2 with an upgrade in the binding system).  I think the AC 3Motion for '09 and '10 is close to the AC Motion of '07 and '08 (the specs look close, anyway).  I have been able to find a few pairs of these skis on-line in the $350 range.  I am intrigued by the AC20 as it seems like it has a higher ceiling for improvement of my skills (I'm an optimist) and sounds a bit more forgiving than the AC30.  I have found a few of these as well at about $50 more than the AC 3Motion.  While I enjoy reading about all of these skis and thinking about how quickly January will arrive, I am at the mercy of what I can dig up in reviews and the insights of people with more intimate knowledge than myself.
I appreciate your insight and, if nothing else, will enjoy doing a demo of a few pairs in January.
Thanks for the advice.
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I picked mine up at the end of last season.  Very lightly used demo pair for 450 bucks
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 Trent, I believe that some one of the EpicSki shop guys have some of those for a better deal than you're being offered.  IMHO its as good as buying form a local shop when you buy form someone who supports the Bear community.

Check out the Deals for Bears forum!!

I see Philpug linked the deal that I was remembering. 
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This season's (2010) AC30 is an all new ski. I'm not sure if you are refering to last years vs. two years ago or last years vs this seasons (this years skis are "2010" skis, last years were "2009").

The AC30 got wider, now 80mm waist and the Wideride Motion has been brought to this model.
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Thanks, Whiteroom.  I thought that the major change was last year, but it sounds like there's more.

On the merits, the Wideride (Royal toe) bindings are definitely a significant upgrade over the Motion (Biometric toe).

But Trent, this sentence --

Originally Posted by TrentT View Post

The more I read about the AC30, the more I'm concerned that it is not the right ski for me.

settles the question.  If you're not convinced that it is the right ski for you, you owe it to yourself to play around on other skis before committing.

(Same advice works for first time romance, FYI.)
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 There inlies the conundrum.....
Did Trent ski on the 2009 version and like it, in which case he's better off catching a great deal from one of our gear guru's.
If Trent skied the 2010 and loves it soooooo much then snatching it up now may be what he wants, even if its a a premium price, eh?

If it were me, I'd demo some stuff and get the ski that puts the biggest grin on your silly face!
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Unfortuantely, I didn't get to ski at all last year due to a bit of a health crisis so the last Volkl that I skied was the AC2 back in '06.  The last time I skied I was on the Rossi B83 Bandit.  I don't get to ski often but hope to remedy that this year now that my son is 8 and early morning trips on the weekend are a possibility.  I'm solidly in the intermediate category and want to improve but also recognize that a once-a-year trip to Steamboat isn't exactly the best way to do that quickly.  I enjoy cruising but would like a ski that would allow some room for advancement.  My recollection of the AC2 was that I liked the way it skied and my ability to carve with it.  I also skied the Hot Rod Nitrous that day and later for a week at Steamboat.  I didn't like it enough to buy it and I had wished that the shop where I was renting the Nitrous had Volkl skis.  That's where the questions about the AC20 came in.  My understanding of reading about the AC30 is that it was a bit more unforgiving of lapses in technique and I have more of those than I care to admit.

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