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An all-time great

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Renate Goetschel retired. Off the top of my head, I think she had around 40 World Cup wins, definitely a few World Championship golds and an all-around Cup title. No Olympic goldss, only thing missing from a stellar career.
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For real this time? :) Because she retired few times already, and always came back... with quite a success, even though she wasn't all the way to top last season anymore.
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Hmmm, saw the story on the Web and now it's disappeared. Mysterious...

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For real this time or at least until after the baby is born. Here is the link to the story on the Ski Racing web site
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Yeah I got info about she's being pregnant later on. So I guess this one is for real. She was one of few Austrians I actually liked and it felt good when she was winning. So she will be missed in WC tour for sure.
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Pay no attention to the rumors that I am the father. 
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