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Skiing In Canada

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Hi folks, im new to the forum and was wondering if there is anyone out there that would like to get together and ski this season in Alberta or B.C ?? The wife is pregnant so I lost my ski partner for the season, and im always looking to meet new rippers to ski with. If anyone is interested let me kow.
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I will be skiing Castle most of the winter
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Hi there Manchester. I havnt been to casle yet but im going to try it this year, I always drive past it on my way to fernie. whats the snow like there? Is it fairly busy?  maybe we could meet up and do some skiing
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Hello zonker892. Welcome to Epic Ski . Your best bet is to wait until much closer to ski season opening and posting in the "getting together, gatherings and lets go" forum. It works great here in Summit County Colorado.
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JMD thankyou for the reply, I will do that
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I really like Castle. It is about 1000 feet higher than fernie, so the snow is a bit drier, and we get less rain. Fernie tends to get a bit more snow though. Still, castle gets more than the Banff Areas.

On weekdays, the place is totally empty. If you can time a mid-week powder day, expect fresh tracks until close. If Banff has been dry and Castle has been getting snow, Saturdays can be quite busy. By busy I mean 10-20 minute waits for the chair. Only a double serves the upper mountain, so the hill itself is never crowded.

Castle has some of the longest fall line runs anywhere, but I like the trees at Fernie better.

Finally, Castle gets a tonne of wind. It makes for some great windsift, but the top chair closes more often than I would like.
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