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Wax is important, but...
 About 10 years ago, one of my J4s won the first run of a slalom at Crystal Mountain with gobs of wax on his skis. He hadn't scraped or brushed his skis at all. He said he was saving his wax for the second run and didn't want to scrape it off before the first run. I thought it would teach him a lesson about ski prep if he was slow, so I let him race on unscraped skis.
Instead I learned a lesson about not interferring with your racers if they are confident and skiing fast.
For the second run he scraped and brushed his skis and was just as fast.
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Originally Posted by ZeroGravity View Post

Given where you ski out of, there is a disproportionate amount of money-to-reason in the region where a lot of importance is placed on having the best of everything, and making sure that the next kid over doesn't have an advantage by having "better" equipment. I haven't seen so many POC helmets in one place as I did at last year's K1 provincials and the top of the hill looked like a world cup event with race skis laid out in the snow and coaches working furiously on their portable tuning benches. While there are the legitimate contenders in the group, it still wasn't necessary.


Point well taken for the regional references .   Having got to Provincials though, I think it's understandable that there will be an extra level of attention paid to equipment preparation.  And remember, there are two tiers of Team competition for the kids who don't want to get that intense in the 12-14 age group.

You'll probably recognize a few podium and top ten finish names from Whistler Cup that were at those Provincials, and when someone gains/misses the podium by 0.3 seconds, you can see why the contenders aren't leaving anything on the table as far as equipment prep is concerned.  I can also say that a couple of these racers that I encountered in my K1 Team grouping did very well with a single pair of skis for the day for League events, so I think they have a good perspective on things.
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I'm just wondering if a bit of extra effort now will make it easier once race season starts to maintain the bases?  During ski season the kids are on their skis all day for multiple days in a row.    I've found that for my skis, the more time I spend on base prep, the easier it is to maintain the bases during the season. 


My experience is that if get the the ski started right, it WILL be easier the rest of the season.  While I may not follow the program you've suggested exactly, I certainly work the skis in good to start out, using 1 or 2 hotbox cycles instead of mutiple wax-scrape-brush cycles
(helps to have your own hotbox).  I can tell you that last year my 12 y/o 2nd year J4 could tell at the JO qualifiers when his skis were slow one day, and we altered it for the next run by brushing it out better. If the kids are good, waxing makes a difference. I would rather assume they will make a great run and have the skis be fast, than say ' who cares if the ski is slow, they have to ski better anyway'????  OMT, brushing is the best way to make any ski faster and not brushing will make it slower.  Take ALL the wax off the bottom.  I guess this applies to GS or faster, and with SL a sharp edge is most important, wax not so much.

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