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Sorry Paul

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Great results for such a brief amount of time.  Benefits are considerably more than weight loss.  I was not trying to lose.  One guy gained 15 lbs while I lost 17 lbs.  He needed to add and I needed to lose,,, how does it know

Maureen has joined me in eating Paleo, good thing.  We plan to continue.  Our compliance is good but not perfect by any means.  From the beginning I cut out grains and potatoes, dairy 97% (still put 1/8 cup total in the am in my coffee).  No more beans in our diet.  Going though olive oil like it's water.

At night I eat two portions of meat or fish or seafood.  We try to either grill or pan fry in olive oil 2 types of veggies.

Lunch is a salad with lots of protein added along with olive oil and... vinegar - which is a cheat.

I am eating way too many eggs at this point.  I cheat sometimes by putting pesto in the eggs, there is cheese in pesto.  One goal is to try to acknowledge cheating or non-compliance.

We don't really know what we are doing but tons of fruit and veggies, fish and lean meat, no beans, dairy, grains and we are doing far more than nothing.

It has been fun and interesting.  It has facilitated my work in the gym and made me run bit faster.  I am experiencing substantial improvement in all of my lifts.  And, I now have a muscle up.  Measuring health gains in other areas is not so easy to do, but I feel much better.

Progress has been slow (relatively) and steady and Crossfit works for me.  The second picture is quite an improvement - more to lose though as I see it.

It will be interesting to see if this conditioning transfers to skiing.  That after all is the reason I went to Crossfit to begin with.
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you are what you eat.
It is amazing how much better all things are with clean eating.
It's just as amazing the crap that the USDA promotes as "healthy"

Paul,it looks like your doing very well,I'm sure you'll see vast improvments on the hill. 
Congrats on the muscle up.
30 mu's for time 3-2-1-go
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FDA, if they do with drugs what they do with food...

Soon on the 30 muscle ups.

And on skiing...not so sure on my conditioning for skiing.  I hate to run, but I am planning to increase that aspect of my training.  Goal -  sub 10 min

We are having a Fight gone Bad here in Albany.  Are any of your guys planning to come?
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2nd place.  I thought it was a "challenge" not a competition.  I would have tried harder
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I tried voting multiple times but it would not allow it.
Great job anyhow.
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