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JHAF: Swift Silent Steep

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 I was at a party last night with a bunch of JH air-force people and was watching the new ski film "Swift Silent Deep".  I saw it last winter at a sneak preview and really loved it.  It was good last night with the sound down too.  I was talking with the film maker and the released version is essentially the same as the version I saw before.  The notable difference is the omission of Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile Slight Return which proved to be too expensive.  If you would like a copy buy it from the website and the film makers make more money.  Second best is from the TGR website.

I stand up next to a mountain
I chop it down with the edge of my hand
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All that pow without fats, how did they survive.
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 Thanks for the heads up.  I'd like to get a copy.
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I watched the trailer a couple of months ago and have been anxiously waiting for this to come to video.
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ordered! thx!
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

ordered! thx!

I went to their web site to get a copy but they had a message that they weren't taking orders yet...
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Just worked for me. Cant wait to get some preseason ski porn to get me even more excited about the upcoming season. Unlike preseason football which is just .............................. leaves me speechless.
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Bringing up the JHAF reminds me of a shirt I saw at the Galande Quaffing race last season...

Slow, Loud, Shallow.

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