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Picture Perfect

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Okay, so I've won the lotto and I've come up with a way to share the fun with any Bear who's interested.

Probably most, if not all, of us have looked at one of those wicked cool covers of the big budget ski mags and wondered what it would be like to be the skier pictured there. To that end, I'll hire mtbakerskier (if he has the time and the inclination) to pick you up, take you anywhere and take the perfect ski action photo of you.  Sound like fun?

So please tell us what resort (or bc location) you would choose,  What run, what sort of conditions would be perfect?  What would the finished photo look like?

For all of you technically minded skiers, I'd love to hear the details of the turn involved.

Skiing Mag,
Gonna get my picture on the cover.
Skiing Mag,
Gonna by five copies for my mother.
Skiing Mag,
Gonna see my shiny sticks,
On the cover of the Skiing Mag!

Oh, btw I didn't really win the lotto.  Yet.
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I'll go first.

Resort:  Mary Jane
Run:  Top of Golden Spike
Conditions:  Bluebird day after an 8"-10" dump

The photo taken from a bit below but mostly from the side.  My orange pants, yellow jacket and painted up helmet would be catching the bright bright sun and be highlighted against the background of those big, deep, perfect bumps lightly blanketed in fresh.  A row of trees and the blue blue sky would complete the back drop.  Three or four zipperline turns just cut through the pristine snow would also be prominent.

I'd be in full absorption with my knees close to my chest, bindings touching my butt.  Tips would be pushing down into the trough, inside edges fully engaged, ready to rip across to the other side of the next bump.  Hands well out in front, one pole reaching for the next turn while the other one is getting ready to reach.  Shoulders down and forward, chin up. 

Rippin' the zipper!  Yeah baby!!!
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Somewhere in Chamonix.  Mrscrg would be shopping.  The kids would be in le ski wee.  I'd be dropping off a cornice somewhere off the main boundaries, steep, but not quite totally sick, with a big grin on my face, tips just over the edge.  The other details would be meaningless.  I'd be skiing fricken Chamonix
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 Based on personal experience and grin factor(but subject to change as I broaden my skills and horizons)
Resort: Big Sky
Run; War Dance
Conditions: Whoooo Hooooo Deep Snow!
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Am I the only pathetic egotist to see this thread as a call for vanity photos? 
Too old to be cover boy, but it's pretty neat when one of your kids snaps a good one of you:
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 I can't believe that this whole forum full of ski-egos, and yet this thread lays here waiting for the flood of vanity shot fantasies.

C'mon SkiEgos, post it up!
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If your paying,

Most likely making a left turn as that is my strong side
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Place: Snowbird...perhaps the Cirque or the steep trees under Gad II
Conditions: Epic...3 feet fresh
Details: I'm in a perfect ski stance...attacking the fall line.  Hands out front perfectly positioned for the next pole plane.  Face...showing concentration.

It might look something like this! Yeehaw!:

In the Whiteroom
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 Steamboat POWDERCATS...

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I'll go back to Steamboat too.
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