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Hello folks..

My wife and I are from the Atlanta area.  Last December we went "out west" for the first time.  We spent three glorious, awesome days skiing at Loveland in CO and we plan to go again this December before Christmas.  We are both teachers so that's really the only time that works for us.

At this point we are thinking that we would like to go to Utah but we have NO IDEA where to go.  As for ability levels, we are still pretty novice skiers - I skied some of the easier blues at Loveland but my wife stayed mostly on the greens.  We really loved the non-resort atmosphere of Loveland.  The lifts were kind of slow and it was COLD but overall it was a great experience, especially for our first time doing "real" skiing.  More than anything we enjoyed that Loveland was not as crowded as the other places.

We really don't care for the resort thing - we hung out at Keystone and Breckenridge but rented a condo in Silverthorne and drove to Loveland each day.  I would like to do something similar in Utah if that's possible.  We would probably be interested in going to different ski areas as well if that's possible.  We will probably spend 4-5 days in the area and ski at least 3 of those.

Thanks in advance for any info you can offer!