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Which Snowmass Lodging to choose for family vacation next February 2010 ?

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Starting to plan the family ski vacation next February and we have decided on Snowmass, CO.
The trip would be over Presidents week.  How good is Snowmass' lift capacity with crowds?

I skied at Snowmass 15 years ago but my wife and kids have never been there.
My kids are 14 and 11 respectively and a good town is a must as we like to walk around at night.

Have skied Steamboat numerous times with family and want to try a new resort in CO.

Would prefer a Ski-In Ski-Out at a reasonable price?  lol  (If that's possible)

If I book now I can get either Snowmass Mountain Chalet or Silvertree with a 10% discount.
Any experiences or references would be appreciated.  They are both rated high on TripAdvisor.

Comments welcome
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I have stayed at the Shadowbrook Condos. http://www.shadowbrookcondos.com/ and would recommend them.  We have stayed in the larger units as we have a group of 8. We like to cook so we save some $ that way.
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Mountain Chalet and Silvertree are both hotels, which is not a problem if you plan on dinning out every evening.  I would recommend the Mountain Chalet over Silvertree just because I don't like the guy that owns the Silvertree. 

For condos I like the Crestwood, but my buddy is the GM.  The Shadowbrook would also be fine.  Just about anything in the upper village is very convenient,  even if the unit in not ski in/out.  The only places I would avoid are the lower village, Woodbridge, Seasons Four or Snowmass Mountain Condos,  all are below the lifts. 

I used to work in property management in Snowmass,  so I am pretty familiar with all the complexes if you have any questions.
Are you flying into ASE?  Some full service complexes will pick you up at the airport. 
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Thanks for the advice.  Another condo I was looking at on VRBO was the "Willows".

It was a little less expensive than the Mountain Chalet, but the reviews on tripadvisor are overwhelming positive for Mountain Chalet.

I am using frequent flier miles and can only fly into EGE (Eagle).  So I will be renting a car and driving the 70 miles to Snowmass.  I looked into Colorado Mountain Service transportation, but the round trip was more than the weekly rate for a car rental.

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FWIW, Although they do have shops, etc at the base village, I wouldn't call Snowmass Village a town (like Steamboat), but you do have Aspen down the road if you want a real town.
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The nice thing about Snowmass/Aspen is the free bus service.  For the 7 days we are staying, we will defnitely mix it up and take the bus to Aspen for dinner and walking around.  When traveling with the family, that's why I prefer Colorado over Utah. 
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 We did '09 spring break at Snowmass and stayed at the Timberline condos.  It was nice to have a ski in ski out for a quick lunch or a mini break to let the kids recharge their batteries.  Our unit wasn't overly fancy but was more than adequate for my wife and myself and our three boys.  They picked us up and dropped us off at the Aspen airport no charge (except our tip to the driver).  It was the first time we have not had a rental and we honestly didn't miss it.  The Timberline would drop you off wherever we needed to go in Snowmass and the bus service to Aspen was very convenient.  We enjoyed it so much we plan to go back for spring break this coming year.

The lift capacity seemed very good, but the resort did not seem very crowded to me the last few days of March, first couple days of April (which given the economy wasn't a surprise) so I'm not sure if it bogs down a little over a major ski holiday like president's weekend.
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My family and I have stayed at the Snowmass Mountain Chalet for the past 2 years and have our reservations there for a 3rd year in a row this March.  The place is well run with a very friendly and helpful staff.  The pool is great for the kids. 

One great thing about the Chalet is the included free breakfast and free lunch.  They serve a hot, freshly prepared breakfast each morning.  They have a rotating menu of french toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, etc. - so it's not just a continental breakfast.  The soup lunch is always great with two different freshly prepared soups each day, with rolls, fruit, cookies etc. to accompany it.  The Chalet is so well located that it is easy to ski-in for lunch, enjoy the soup lunch, take a few minutes to unwind in the room, and then hit the slopes again.  Not having to buy lunch on the mountain is a huge savings.  Having dinner out is something to look forward to knowing you've spent nothing on food to that point.

Normally, I would prefer to stay in a condo to have the extra room (right now we are only traveling with our 5 year old daughter as our 1 year old still stays home with grandparents), but the location, convenience, price, and included meals makes the Mountain Chalet a winner for us. 
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"Reasonable cost" and Snowmass/Aspen don't usually get used in the same sentence :-).  We stayed at Stonebridge Condominiums last year and liked it a lot.  Our 1 bedroom condo was quite nice, had plenty of space had a well equipped kitchen (important for us as we like to cook most evenings).  True ski in/ski out, as are most places in Snowmass.  It is between the upper village and the new lower village.  A short, easy ski down to the lifts in the morning, and you can ski right to the condo entrance in the afternoon.  However, I would not consider Snowmass as having a good village that is "walkable".  For that, you will want to head to Aspen (or maybe another town nearby?).

I would not worry about Snowmass lift capacity, or lift capacity at any of the Aspen area resorts.  It is too far to suffer much from the locals driving from places like Denver, and large enough to handle any of the crowds that it sees.  The worst I experienced was maybe 2 minutes at the bottom lift one morning.
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The Willows are one of the oldest complexes in Snowmass.  Some units could be nice, but they are small.  I would probably advise you to go elsewhere. 
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