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Success Stories Needed

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I am in the process on writing an article for TPS about the way message forums have influenced ski instruction. The article was originally supposed to be about Epicski exclusively, but TPS wanted to expand on the topic.

If you have had any good experience either with :

Taking a lesson from an instructor you "met" on ANY ski forum.

Passing a PSIA exam as a result of forum conversations.

Making a good equipment choice as a result of online conversations.

post here, or send me a PM.
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No Specific instances but I would have to say being here at Epicski probably had a great deal to do with me being an instructor and getting to Level 2 in only 2 part time seasons. The Conversations, help and encouragement along the way have been very important.
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I'm not sure if this stuff is specific enough but I will offer it to you. I attended ETU only because I discovered Epic Ski and was encouraged to attend by the wonderful people here. Esp. I would say Oboe's kind urging was instumental in convincing me to attend. There I had the priv. of having two days of instuction from Ric Reiter (VailSnoPro). These two days improved my skiing more than I could imagine. Since then, reading the vaious posts on the Instruction board has helped focus my attentionon on many apects of my skiing. Reading the posts has helped me continue to identify new areas to work on and has helped me continue to refine my skiing. Posts on the Gear Discussion boards have helped me understand more about the the various skis available and have been instrumental in helping to direct my demo/buying choices. Overall, I would say that Epic Ski has been extremely valuable to me as a skier and I am very greatfull to everyone who participates. In general I find the demeanor on this board much better than on some other boards and really enjoy the sense of community that grows and thrives here. People here share ski ideas, but also share themselves. We read about injuries, illnesses, happy decisions and bad ones--heck, we even have weddings "a la Epic". I know your article is not just about Epic but I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the people here and hope that some of what's special about this community can be captured in your article.
I plan to see you all next year at ETU. I wonder if next year-though we are a geographically diverse group, we might not be able to arrange more informal ski meetings, maybe Eastern/Western clusters--not organized events, but just "Friendship Skis"-more informal get togethers to keep putting faces with names and continue to develop long distance friendships. I think this would be worthwhile. Maybe others do too.
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Lisamarie, interested in stories from outside the US? Shall I post your message over at (UK-based, as you may know)
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That could be interesting, thanks Cedric!
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Here's one for ya.

Early this season I posted a question here about how to get my 10-year old son skiing steeper terrain and how could I help him improve? One problem was he had an anti-lesson bias stemming from some not so great experiences in the past.

Some of the advice I received here was for the two of us to take a private lesson together.

Well we skied a lot this season and he progressed pretty well just free skiing with me, but we did take a lesson together at Okemo and both enjoyed the experience. I noticed immediate improvement in his skiing. I also learned what he should be working on and how to communicate that to him.

He progressed from a low level 6 (just starting to really use his poles) to a pretty solid level 7. (skiing blacks and double blacks smoothly and with confidence.)

My skiing improved as well. It was a positive experience for both of us.

Also, from visiting this board I knew what to ask for when booking the lesson. I have been skiing for a long time and I knew to ask for a level III instructor. The thing that impressed me most about our instructor was his uncanny ability to analyze our skiing and provide feedback to both of us in terms that we could understand and put to work immediately.

I had no internet access the week I booked the lesson. If I had I would have asked here for reccomendations; luckily, the instructor we got was excellent.
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Originally posted by crank:
Early this season I posted a question here about how to get my 10-year old son skiing steeper terrain and how could I help him improve?
Good going, Crank! You know, I used to fret about the same thing with my son. Then beginning last year, I quit fretting about it. He skis where and what he wants to ski. I quit trying to push. He also found some ski buddies his age and started skiing with them a little. Now he is naturally pushing himself to ski better. Nowadays, when we have our dad-son ski days, we take turns picking out runs. I always ask him if he feels comfortable with my choice. If he says no, then I pick another one. No pressure from me, he responds better, and we have more fun skiing together. Same goes for him, if he picks a run and I didn't like it, he has to pick another one. Like.... old dad doesn't do tight trees with roots and rocks sticking out.
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I'd say I get as much instruction from here as I do from the trainers in my SS, if not more. It's a different format, but just as valuable.

The most prominent example I can think of is the Bob Barnes article about skiing the slow line fast. My trainer had kept telling me to finish my turns, but I just couldn't get it. Then, when I read Bob's epic discourse on the subject, it finally clicked. Now, I'm routinely complimented by my peers on how roundly finished my turns are.
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I've picked up a lot from the forum, including some great book recommendations.

I know my skiing has improved just from reading all the great instructional posts/debates here, and then putting some of the techniques into practice on the slopes. It's made a big difference for me.

Also, Lisamarie, your exercise/health posts have been fantastic. It's great to have free advice from the experts!

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My success story: I have some Nordic racing background and become more or less serious about alpine skiing 3 years ago. I volunteer as part time ski instructor in a SkiForAll ski school for 2 years. I passed Level 2 exam this year despite my limited teaching experience and lack of preparation for the exam, especially for the Teaching module. I was reading this forum for 2 years and I believe I passed only because I’ve got a great deal of technical knowledge and understanding here. Specifically it is a description of perfect turn and other great posts by Bob Barnes that helped me. This forum is better then any book about skiing because people not only present the single point of view but discuss and bring different and often radical ideas – I do not know a single skiing book that have this. I’m absolutely certain that without this board I would be skiing at lower level and had much less chances of passing the exam. If anyone is serious about skiing or teaching is the must.
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What a great phrase, StevensMan -- "EpicSki is the Must!"
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LM - post the question on

I am struggling for computer access atm - but I know 1 VERY good story for you from there
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As Disski suggests, I will post it on in Australia

Check in here Lisamarie to read replys :
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I've been around for almost four years and, as an instructor I find this forum invaluable and recommend it to every instructor I know.

A couple of aspects stand out:

This is a SAFE place. There is little or no intimidation that goes on here. No name calling, no bad mouthing. The result is that people feel good about posting videos and expressing their opinions on issues. So, when preparing for exams this is a great place to try speaking your mind. Sure, you may get people who disagree but they don't make you feel stupid because of it.

And, because it is safe people feel good about posting videos here. The opportunity to do movement analysis off a video and compare what you see to what others see is invaluable. Because everyone looks at things a bit differently you learn to pick up on things that you might not have if left to your own.

Second, the CONTENT here is phenomenal. I know when preparing for my Level III and my DCL exams I spent many hours reading and absorbing material. It greatly enhanced my professional knowledge (which is something you are graded on) and my teaching ability. I can remember one great Bob Barnes post that I borrowed from, modified to my own style and used in an exam. Not only did it score well as a teaching session but it made a great change in at least one person's skiing in the exam.

Lastly, building friends. I've only met a couple of people who regularly post here and all have been fun, really nice people. I think because of the first two aspects we tend to attract these kind of people as opposed to the, well, let's just say, not so nice people.

Those are my thoughts...

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Arc and BB gurus
Si wants to be
VSP should be selling Mercs in Denver
Nolo, psychiatrist gone bush
LM, knows way toooo much
Ryan, Gonzo …. real
SCSA … goooorrrrnnn
Oboe, sounds like
Bonnie, hitched
Rusty, dreaming
Cast of thousands
5 lines of truth
5 million lines of SFA
Bugger all about skiing
Safe = boring
Time for bed
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Good on ya, maninthemoon, that was funny.

EpicSki is like a hobby. Some people play pinochle or knit booties for the home for wayward girls--I play EpicSki for fun. I do a lot of my work on a computer and Internet, so I'm already here. Goofing off on EpicSki doesn't take longer than a cuppa joe (or shouldn't--I feel clarity and brevity go hand in hand and vice versa). As WVSkier said, it's also safe, and that's critical for the third key reason that attracts me to EpicSki, the learning.

I won't go into that last except to say that here's a place you can ask about any ski-related question and get a lot of knowledgeable, straightforward answers.

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I found your pilates class because of this board. It's been a really good workout for me and the instructor is very understanding and helpful even to a clutz like me.
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Point concerning instructors met throught this forum...First, if it wouldn't be for this (epic) forum, I would have never sought out a lesson this year...after reading all the instructors posts, they convinced me that the only way to improve is by quality lessons...With-out a doubt, this was the best investment i ever made for a sport i enjoy so much. To be specific, Rusty Guy hooked me up with Weems. The instructor that Weems set me up with went way and above any expectations I had before the lessons. The amount of information and education on this forum cannot be found any where else, be it videos, books and magazines...thanks...
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Thanks everyone! If anyone has any problems with me using their real name, send me a PM!
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