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Exercising with sore knees

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Soooo, it's August with the season just around the corner and I'm hitting the gym regularly to get ready.  The problem for me is sore knees from too much golf.  One is really sore and the other is just kinda sore.

But with these I'm stuck between not doing too strenuous work to cause more irritation, but enough to build some strength to help with stamina and balance.  I'm sticking to low impact stuff and machines for any heavy lifting, daily doses of glucosamine, etc.

Any recommendations on how to build strength-stamina without prolonging irritation or inflammation?
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Dorm57. Sorry to hear about the sore knees. You seem to have the right idea with low impact exercises. My suggestion would include lots of miles on a stationary bike with moderate resistance and an aerobic class in the pool if your gym offers it.The heavier lifting can wait until you feel some relief from the knee soreness. Remember RICE rest-ice-compression-elevation.
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What exactly are you doing at the gym?  Are you sure it's golf that is causing your pain?
Did you injure them in any way?
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