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Best Time for Taos

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Just wondering if anyone could tell me what the best timeframe is to ski at Taos as far as snow conditions go. I'm going there this winter and I would like to come at the time that give me the highest probability of hitting some powder. Also, i'm looking for a good rental property for my stay with a few other people so any iput there would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.  
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Taos needs a 70" base to be really good, so later is better.  Late February through March should be good.   There's not a lot going on up at the ski area, but if your ok with that, that's were I would stay.   Town's about a 20 mile drive and the traffic in town can be pretty bad for a small town.  
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 Thanks much for the advice.
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The general wisdom about the best time to go to Taos is as Shredhead mentioned, late February/early march, but consider that this is highly variable. Last season was fantastic in late December/early January, awful in February, and really great towards the closing weeks again. Also, if general trends with the El Nino phenomenom continue, next year should be above average in terms of snow. Try to avoit the Texas/New Mexico spring break week as it gets really crowded.

About lodging, you can try to get a place in the Arroyo Seco/El Salto area. It is between the ski valley and the town, lower than the base (7600ft vs. 9200ft.), so better for flatlanders, and you can get great deal in houses if you book early (look for places at or
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The general wisdom is correct.  Taos is a very rocky mountain until "the 75-inch rule" base depth recommended by locals is attained.  El Nino or not, do not advance book for earlier than February.  As anywhere, flexible planning once snow is on the ground gives you the best shot at good conditions.
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Snow depth needed at Taos is far less than the old rules for the vast majority of skiers.  The double black diamonds reuire lots of snow.  If you are intermediate to expert, the've worked many of the runs over and can provide good skiing with as little as 30" of natural.  They also make a ton of snow on the lower half of the area.

2009-2010 has Taos with more snow than many Colorado areas at this moment.  4" fresh overnight February 4, 2010.  For beginners and tight budgets, Sipapu also had 6" and has the areas lowest lift ticket prices.  Angel Fire got the most from this storm with 8".  They sport our only NM high speed quads.
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The best time for me is a day before the big storm hits, dang NM roads can close down at the drop of a hat.  I have a 6 hour drive there.

If you book for late Feb or March you will have good skiing no matter what happens, you may not get a dump but you will have fun.

From the looks of the Weather right now the rest of the Month looks to be pretty wet.
My plan is for the weekend of the 13th. kid has that Monday off.
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60-65" base for Taos is the rule for good skiing.  They just hit it.  They're getting pummeled right now, and as soon as control work is done, the entire mountain will be open with great conditions.
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