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Good post Oz!!! The technical know how, terminology, "systems", etc., don't mean squat if you don't know what it's supposed to "feel" like anyhow...

Hey SCSA! Did a PSIA member piss in your Cheerios? Or do you just enjoy brown-nosing HH? What's with you? And you've only been skiing for 3 years? You haven't experienced anything yet! I've been skiing for 22 years, here and in Europe, teaching for 9, seen a half dozen changes in philosophy, quantum leaps in equipment technology, and I learn something new everyday! I'm humbled almost everytime I read these posts! We in PSIA are constantly looking at new ideas, discussing them, using them, trying them at clinics, and even bitching about how sometimes we are behind in adopting some new techniques! If you can find 10 instructors who use the same techniques and style to address a students' needs, I'll quit skiing. The bottom line is always to apply what works best. Anyone who thinks that the PSIA doctrine is anything more that a guideline is fooling him or herself. I've never met anyone who wasn't willing to try a new idea to solve an old problem.

In the end, everything out there, including HH's "system" still reverts to the same basic fundamentals. New ideas and equipment technology may change the priorty or emphasis on each of the fundamentals, but they're still all essential to enjoying the sport and making turns. In golf, you can't buy a swing, and in skiing, you can't buy a turn.

So, keep your "I'm just trying to start a conversation, and you all have a cow" BS to yourself. You're not trying to start a conversation, you're trying to get everyone to decide between being with "you" or with "us." Try giving your opinion rather than selling it to the exclusion of evryone elses'.

BTW, the weather here is a balmy 68 and sunny with a cool breeze. The leaves are beautiful in PA at this time of the year, and the golf is fabulous...
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I think you're way off course. I'm not about "us" versus "them". I don't know enough about skiing to have a qualified opinion. All I did was to post some comments for the board to review - notice I haven't commented. I can't. What the hell do I know?

Yes, I believe in change and I'm a strong believer in these new (or whatever you want to call them) teaching thangs.

I think if you've followed me around lately, you'll find a much more "fly on the wall" SCSA, rather than my old self, "PTMS Wacko" (I miss him ).

With "Wacko", I was more like, "Hey stupid. PMTS is right and what you do is wrong". But lately, I think I'm more like, "Hey gang. This is what I'm seeing out there".

And, if you've noticed, my flames per post have gone way down. A stat I'm quite proud of.

I think I'm contributor here. I don't see you making up a web page with pictures it. This winter I'll be posting streaming media!

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ October 16, 2001 02:36 AM: Message edited 1 time, by SCSA ]</font>
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Rick- You talked about a 2 footed release with a blocking pole plant can you explain further on the blocking pole plant? This is something I try to not have in my skiing at all. I have worked to keep any defensive tactic out of my skiing when ever possible so I am interested in why you are advocating the use and what effect it has? thank you,

OZ- I know that Joel Munn he is at the Canyons now in Utah. Worked for him at Breckenridge and he has some of the smoothest feet and refined steering skills you will see (or not see).

SCSA- Not to defend you but I would concur you have come a long way and anyone that posts as much as you with as much energy and enthusiasm for skiing as you do has got to be OK regardless of faults!!!
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SCSA, I want to second Todo's post, you have shown a remarkable change in attitude which has resulted in meaningful contributions by you and civil exchanges of information with you by members of this board...

Keep it up.... ...Ott
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Todo and Ott,

Thanks for the kind words. I take this place seriously.
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SCSA, I stand rebuked. I haven't been here long enough to notice a change in your attitude, so I guess it's a good thing that I wasn't here when you were worse. However, I do apologize for crankin' down a little too hard.

You know, you had me feeling a little guilty about my outburst...for a moment...and then you had to add that tidbit about how you don't see me setting up websites. What that has to do with anyone's level of contribution is beyond me, but if it makes you feel good...

Having said that, here endeth the diatribe! I'll let it drop from here on in. I think we both know where we're coming from.
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Rick H: A blocking pole plant stabilizes the upper body so the lower body can rotate against that stable mass, in my understanding of that term. I'm unfamiliar with the term reaching pole plant. I don't see how you could be "reaching" and "blocked" at the same time. If inclining toward downhill and supporting yourself with the pole is what you're describing, you'd have to be pivoting (or that dreaded activity, steering) the skis, it seems to me.
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Deja Vu!
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