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Help with the Snowmass ESA trip

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I would really like to participate in the Jan ESA at Snowmass and am working on the details.  Does anyone have suggestions for "value" lodging for someone traveling alone.  The Wildwood rate would be great if I were sharing.  I am trying to find someone else to go but it is tough to get commitment this early and I want to lock in a seat on the once a day Delta flight from Atl using Sky Miles.  Thanks.
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 Sadly, I'm not knowledgeable about other lodging options but it is possible that there will be others signing up who will be seeking a room share.
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SteveE, we always have a few people looking for roomies at these events. Just check the option for us to find you a roommate and we'll introduce you to the first next guy looking.
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Thought I had seen a thread on the relative merits (mostly weather related) of flying into Eagle vs Aspen and transportation options to Aspen.  Unable to locate it. How far is it, how long a ride, cost, etc.  Also, if you fly into Aspen early enough do they have a ski that day for free deal, ala Eagle/Vail or Park City?
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Was this thread on air travel to Aspen what you were looking for? 
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Thank you Nolo. Proving once again that you are the collective memory of all things Epic
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