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Freeride in Uzbekistan

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Hi there
We are a small group of freeriders from Denmark looking at going to Uzbekistan for some adventourous freeride. A few of the days are to be by helicopter, but otherwise we'll be taking the lift and then walk up.

Does any one here have experience with Uzbekistan, as we will be planning the trip without travel agency?

I've been looking a staying at either Chimgan or Beldersay, as these areas have a lift. I'm leaning towards Chimgan, as this looks to be a bit higher than Beldersay allthough the areas are close. However is it possible to also get some heliskiing out of Chimgan?

Also does anybody have contacts at Uzbekistan who might help us with Visas and transport from Tahkent to the ski area?

And finally, will it even be worth going there?
We're very good skiers, with decades of experience in with freeride. So we are of cource looking for some nice adventures on the mountain.

Any lead, suggestion no matter how small are very welcome.

Thank you


I've been checking this link:
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Forget it. Both areas are really small compared to any "normal" resort in US or Europe. I haven't been there for a while, but back then Chimgan had 1 T-bal and 1 old double (maybe even single) chair. Beldersay had 1 long 25-30min double chair and then T-bar. In-bounds skiing there is not much at all. Off-piste skiing can be good if you get a good connections there. To hope to get there and get up on a heli is a bit naive. It is OK as a daily destination for the folks living in Tashkent, but to go there from Denmark? I would skip it all together.


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This is a very good illustration of what you get there in-bounds. The T-bar goes up to approximately half of the hill in the middle.

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Thanks for your reply.
The plan is to find a contact over there, and get the hints for the best off piste places. And also to book the helicopter in advance.

Did you get any good contacts when you where there, which we could use?

You say offpist may be good, is there any way of moderating that? Is there some steep areas to find etc.

I think we will still be trying it out as there is also the adventurous part of the trip :-)

thank you for your continued help!

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OK, give me more details - how many people, how advanced, do you have your own gear, approximately when do you want to go, for how long and I will try to find some contacts for you.


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Thank you again for all your help

So we are 7 persons. All have a minimum of 40 weeks of skiing. We have been skiing freeride all over the world: several trips to Canada, once to Krasnaya Polyana and Chamonix in france is our homeground in Europe :-)

We are all skiers (offcourse :-), all have avalanche gear; tranceiver, showel, and probe, and the experience with the hows and whys of the mountain. Some of us have climbing experience, so we often ride with Harnest (on the gletchier), and have apropriate gear for climbing and rapelling. Some have randonée gear, but most will be hiking with skiis on the backpack. All are familliar with hikking to the top, and are in shape for it! All have been on other trips before this trip to UZB, so we have been warmed up.

The plan is to be arriving saturday the 20th of february 2010 at Tashkent and leaving sunday morning the 28th of february from Tashkent
Invitations and Visa should be handled by some of our connections in the Danish foreign ministry :-)

I see the week unfold as following

sat: arrival
sun: investigating the mountain skiing light
mon: riding with a guide, or other person knowing the great places
tue: Heliskiing (if the weather allows it, and I would like to preebook it from home)
wed: Skiing what the guide showed us
thu: Heliski (if the weather allows it)
fri: skiing with guide again if we see it fit
sat: skiing and going to Tashkent in the evening
sun: morning flying home

look forward to hear if you can help.

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PM sent with details.

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Thanks for your info

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