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Summer Race Camps

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I know it's still early, but has anyone attended Summer race camps like the ones at Mt Hood? I'm interested, but would like a little feedbback from someone who's been there before I research further. It sounds like a good way to improve racing skills in a focused manner, and it beats the beach IMHO.
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First of all it is not early. The camps are starting to fill up about now (especially early ones in June) and prices on airfare are hitting minimum.

Ski racing magazine has a listing of all the summer camps.

One word of caution, though. If you do it once you will be coming back, so make sure you can afford such thing becoming a yearly habbit.


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After 20 years of "summer ski" I would advise you to go mid-July on. The weather in June is usually wet. After the 1st week in July the sun comes out and it's great.
If you're a junior, check out http://www.teamgilboa.com otherwise there are several "adult camps that are good. I have a friend who is really "hard core" I'll ask him which one he goes to and get back to you.
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Thanks for the replies. I'm interested in just about any Adult Summer racing camp in the lower 48 or Canada.
What's the snow like in August? Will the treatments they're planning on using on the Mt Hood snow (salt?) affect my skis and what precautions should I take? Any information or experiences you can relate would be greatly appreciated.
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The camp my friend goes to is Mike Anett's Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps. He goes to the regular sessions because he is a "work addict". This means he ends up putting up with lots of juniors and their antics but the training is more intense. They have adult camps as well that are "more laid back".
As far as conditions, wax frequently and most camps have a place to rinse the salt off your gear. August is fine but the snowfield shrinks depending on the snowpack and sometimes SL is all they train. Another thing, I usually take sandals up the mountain so I can change at the end of the snow and not wear out my boots walking to the parking lot. Cat-tracks would be an alternative.
Sunscreen is a must, be sure to get the end of your nose and inside your ears. The elevation at the top of Palmer is about 9,000. If you climb higher you need extra protection. Lots of kids miss days from "sun sickness". It's lots stronger in the summer.
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Thanks for the info. I've been looking at Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps for awhile, but I wasn't sure about how good the product was. Now I just have to convince the wife that I need to spend a week running gates in the lower 48.

For those of you who are interested, I e-mailed Mike with the following questions about the adult camps:

- Is there required equipment?
Faceguards etc are recommended. They are available here

-If I choose a later camp (such as August), will the focus be primarily on slalom, or is it still a balance of GS and SL?
August camps are 50/50 SL/GS

-Is there an area to tune skis? Are there clinics on race waxing/prep?
We have a large tuning area. Tuning clinics are available in most sessions.

-How big are the groups?
Group size is 8:1 max
Sounds good to me...
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About how much do the adult Mt. Hood camps cost?

Do most of the participants have a lot of prior racing experience?
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Check out http://www.mthood.com for the prices for the various camps. Some are adults only (25+), some are mixed. There isn't a whole lot of information on the website, but they answer e-mail inquiries promptly.

They seem to have programs for a variety of ability levels. Hopefully you can find something you like.
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