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Poking around, there haven't been any rehab threads lately, so I figured I'd add one.  I slipped and fell on Election Night (before I'd even started drinking), landed on my right elbow, and totally demolished my right rotator cuff.  I skied most of the season anyway (51 days) and had repair on March 31.  I spent the first seven weeks in an immobilization sling (longer than usual because of the extent of the damage).  Since then, rehab has been going great (apparently, I have good genetics for tendon repair), and I've been climbing Colorado 14ers all summer.  My surgeon nixed the idea of my climbing the Eiger nordwand next month (he is a climber himself, so I can't easily fool him), but he says I'm good to go for ski season. Woo hoo!  I wonder what when will be opening day here in Colorado?