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Salomon Impact Pro vs Ghost?

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After 2.5 seasons on my Nordica Beasts I've packed them out so far that it's like wearing my dad's slippers down the mountain.  I've spent enough cash on boot work, lifts, padding etc to refloat the titanic, enough is enough.

Admittedly I bought a size to big last time as I was too cheap to fork out the same again to do the necessary work to get them right, so it's my own fault.  However they have done me well, it's merely time to step up.

I've come to the conclusion that everyone on these forums with boot issues has feet like a yeti, I am no different.  I'm a size 13.5 with a wide front of foot (EE) and a narrow heel.  Being 6'4" and only 80kg I also have stick-like calves.  Throw into the mix a medium to high arch and large boney protrusion from the top of my foot, you have a recipe that would make the wicked witch of the west gag.

Because of my oversized Beasts and high arch I was able to achieve tension around my foot, but have always had issues with getting a good fix on my heel, ankle and leg.  Even with the buckles tuned right up and on the last bail.

I'm in the market for a new boot, current scoping has brought the Salomon Impact line (10-Pro) to the fore, although I'm interested to hear about anyones experience with the Salomon Freeski line (Ghost/Gun).  I'm looking for a boot that will let me progress in attacking the steeps, NZ is my home country and we don't get much pow so something more suited to varied conditions is better.

Do you feel the difference in stiffness between the Pro and Ghost, will it affect performance in varied terrain?

If there are any other brands/boot lines that you guys could recommend I'd be stoked.

Chur Bro

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find  a local boot fitter and work with them.

salomon (and almost every company) makes a bunch of different lasts.  The impact and ghost are different shapes, and in each shape they make a few flexes.  A boot that fits YOU, will let you ski in any terrain.

if the impact (100mm) fits, try some other 100mm boots too (nordica speed machine, lange blaster, etc)   again, every company makes  a boot in that 100ish mm last.
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Hey mate, cheers for that.  Ended up with the Speedmachine 14, although I did try the Lange SuperBlaster too but couldn't get the right size (Would have gone for that but NZ stocks of big boot sizes are pants).

Worth noting that I ended up taking the Salomon Impact 10 up the hill for a demo and found it stiffened up significantly compared to my nordica's.  I'm assuming its the materials etc but they ended up way too stiff for me.
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