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Pro Ski-Simulator vs Skier's Edge

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Most of us a familiar with the Skier's Edge but the Pro Ski-Simulator ( looks simpler, smoother and maybe quieter. This looks like a device manufactured in Europe. Anyone with any experience with Pro Ski or both?
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i seems the PRO is more cheap than SKI EDGE

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Originally Posted by Priest View Post

i seems the PRO is more cheap than SKI EDGE

Actually, with the discount to folks here on EpicSki, Skier's Edge is way cheaper!!!!!!biggrin.gif 



I have seen these machines go for more than 10 years, so a Skier's Edge costs about one lift ticket per year!


Originally Posted by steveturner View Post

Most of us a familiar with the Skier's Edge but the Pro Ski-Simulator ( looks simpler, smoother and maybe quieter. This looks like a device manufactured in Europe. Anyone with any experience with Pro Ski or both?

I have experience with both as a physical therapist & strength & conditioning specialist!  I am also an athlete for Skier's Edge (full disclosure).  The Pro Ski Simulator is a very cheap knock off using basic bungee cords & roller blade wheels.  Take a close look & you will see there is no comparison on the quality or safety in the rails. 


I obviously have a bias, yet in my position, I can get my hands on just about any training tool I want.  For skiing, rehabbing, balance - core stability, athlete training, trail running, & power...... I have machines from Skier's Edge.  icon14.gif I utilize the Big Mountain series & the WC Plyo over any other tool out there.


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i am a Chinese.


i am going to buy a Simulator from the US


but i don't know whether it's useful and helpful,    can i get the same feeling that when i am skiing ?


as neither the Pro nor the Edge had i experienced or demo.




and i am not to be a stupid man that spend a half-year salary   in experiencing   a   useless and unfruitful  machine.

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I think that the Skier's Edge is the best training tool you can get your hands on.  I have been using it for years.  However, I have a connection to the equiptment, I suggest you google the two & compare the reviews.


Good luck, let me know if I can help!


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Got a Fitter I use for snowboard training and 3 skiers edges. If you got the $ SE is tops!

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I am satisfied with the Pro Ski Simulator but it is not the treadmill replacement I hoped it would be. I use the treadmill 5 days a week and the pro ski machine maybe once. I had hoped it would add some lateral resistance and balance to my routine but I cant say it has done much for me. IT is quiet and seems to work as advertised. Mine cost less than half of what I could buy the competitor for and since I could not demo either it was an easy decision to go the more conservative route.
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It's funny that you would say you have "experience" with both machines, since your specific comments about the Pro Ski Simulator and lack of product knowledge indicate otherwise.  Makes me question the motivation of your post.  BTW - I'm curious where you might have seen one or had an "experience" using one, since Skiform / PSS only sells direct and wouldn't have been available on a showroom for you to have your "experience".  Also, the Pro Ski Simulator is neither cheap (although they are consistently less expensive), nor a knockoff.  IMO - no self respecting designer would want to copy the skiers egg design.  The Pro Ski Simulator design is unique and entirely different from the skiers egg models - except the most recent skiers egg models, which curiously became suddenly quite similar to the Pro Ski Simulators (albeit, in a lackluster way).  Odd that design changes get adopted by skiers egg as soon as they perhaps realize "oh crap, I'm not the only game in town and have to compete now?"  Unlike you (yes, it is that apparent), I actually do have hundreds of hours of experience with both machines.  I have owned both and will NEVER go back to the skiers egg machines (my personal re-naming of the SE company after having many "delightful" customer service experiences). Blah! :(


In comparison to the Pro Ski Simulator, what I hated about the skiers egg is that it is VERY noisy/rattly, inexplicably far more expensive (both upfront and to maintain) and the quality is only what you would expect from home exercise equipment.  The Pro Ski Simulator machines were not designed with the intent of competing with the home fitness gear market.  It was built for the commercial gymnasium market and for the conditioning needs of racing teams in Europe and was built to withstand severe punishment.  I wish I could have said the same about my skiers egg, which sold on ebay at a rather disappointing price.  Although I'm as big a deal hunter as the next skier, I have never found used Pro Ski Simulators for sale on ebay.  Just the new models.  I suppose there's a good reason that the owners would rather keep their Pro Ski Simulators, but auction off their old skiers egg. 

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We are all entitled to our views.  I welcome yours as a counter to mine.  I am glad that you are satisfied w/ the pro ski simulator & am glad to hear that it is working for you.  biggrin.gif

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I should probably wait until I actually receive my pro ski simulator before posting, but here I go anyway... I just ordered the basic model from using the epic ski discount for a total of $1100 including shipping... I really doubt that you can get a skiers edge for that price unless you find a used one.


The pro ski uses a platform that rides on roller blade wheels.  I have read online that this makes it much quieter than the SE.  I have also seen that SE has a new "upgrade" for their machines that is supposed to be much quieter... from what I can see on their website it looks like they are now using roller blade wheels.  So while I am sure that the Pro Ski was inspired by the SE, I don't think its fair to call it a "knock off" when SE seems to have adopted the pro ski's use of a quieter mechanism.  I'm sure the SE is a great machine, but it seems to me that the Pro Ski is pretty comparable, and definitely way cheaper than the "QS5" quiet version of the SE.


But probably the main reason I pulled the trigger on the pro ski is that they actually sell their product online like everyone else in the world.  For some reason, SE wants you to call a phone number and talk to a sales rep.  I hang up every time a sales rep calls me (damn telemarketers!) so why the hell would I want to voluntarily call one myself?  Best case scenario, they just take my order... but why not just do that online?  More likely they waste my time trying to upsell me on the myriad accessories, or the "extended warranty".  Grrr.  They can spin it however they want but I think only selling over the phone is indicative of poor business practices, and so I took my business elsewhere.


I hope word of this gets back to SE and they change their ways... run your business the right way: just charge a fair price for a good product and forget about all that stuff they taught you in B-School about how to maximize revenue per customer.  Focus on more customers instead of more $ per customer... its a better way to run your business.

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Here is how I look at the difference between the two.  Its like comparing a BMW to a Honda Civic. They both work, they both get you from point A to point B. One is just a lot nicer and built better. (again this is my opinion) 


One the SE has been around for over 25 years and over 17 different national ski teams use their equipment. That tells me right away they are doing something right. I also see that many pro athletes that are not skiers used the Skiers Edge. Such as the NY Giants football team. There is a quote from them on the Skiers Edge Facebook page.


Second, I was always told growing up,  "you get what you pay for" The pro ski simulator has resistance bands located under the platform so I can only  imagine the "snap" feeling you get from it, where the SE machine has a complete tension setting around the machine. SE seems much safer. 


3rd, I too wondered why I couldnt order a Skiers Edge online, so I called and spoke to a sales rep (instead of just getting upset) at SE and they advised there are so many different ways to build a SE machine that if you did it online you would probably order something you didnt want, or didnt fit for you, so to make sure you get the machine that works best for you, they have you call. The person that I spoke to was very nice, didnt try to sell me something I didnt want. They advised me there is no such thing as a bonus warranty that you can purchase. They stand behind their product with a 4 year warranty. Ender it sounds like you are afraid of talking to people. Doesnt sound like you even tried to make an effort to call them and get the real facts about how they do business. I didnt find it to be poor business as you state it is. I felt like they cared and took care of me when I placed my order.


4th The Skiers Edge machine is so awesome!! It has loads more features that a pro ski sim. I can practice skiing powder and have my feet super close together so that I get the perfect form. I went with the RPM platform and I can adjust it to have over 8 different foot stances. I see on the pro that they only have 2. Unless I'm missing something?


5th all the reviews I have read online talk very highly of the skiers edge. I love mine. Its awesome. So before you get on your soap box and complain about something you have no idea about or even tried, you should try it first. I have not tried the pro ski sim, so im not going to bash it. That is not my intention of this post. I just simply see someone that is mad he couldnt have the best, so to make his current purchase seem ok, he is going to bash something he knows nothing about. 


Ender you say they need to focus on the customer, and that is exactly how I felt when I picked up the phone and called. They focused on me and made sure I built the machine that would fit me and my family. I hope you enjoy your machine as much as I enjoy my Skiers Edge.

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Gumpee: Welcome to EpicSki!  Thanks for describing how the purchasing process works.


I lucked out and got an older model in good shape from craigslist for cheap.  Bought it from the original owner.  Am quite happy even without the extras.  Interesting to see how the later model Skiers Edge can be upgraded with kits.

Originally Posted by Gumpee View Post

Here is how I look at the difference between the two.  Its like comparing a BMW to a Honda Civic. They both work, they both get you from point A to point B. One is just a lot nicer and built better. (again this is my opinion) 


. . .

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Actually, I agree with Gumpee (despite some unnecessarily personal attacks)!  I think BMW vs Honda Civic is probably the perfect comparison (note that the Civic may be the most successful and popular car ever made).  If you think luxury car brands offer you more value for your $, then by all means buy the SE.  But I don't believe that "you get what you pay for" when what you are paying for is the "luxury brand", and I have never bought a BMW or Mercedes because I never thought they were the best value for my $, partly because they charge a premium just because of their brand (Mercedes is probably a better choice than BMW for my argument, but you get the idea).


As far as the stated reason for having to call instead of order online... well, Dell computer has been selling custom configured computers online for ages, and I can't think how a ski machine could be harder to configure than a computer.  And if its really that hard to understand what you are buying, then that is a problem as well, IMO.


BTW, I'm not saying they shouldn't have a phone number... some people prefer to talk to someone about their purchase, and I understand that, and its very possible that better customer service is an added value that SE provides.  My point was that I don't think they should force people to call a sales rep.


Also, you are correct that the pro ski only supports two foot positions (one narrow and one shoulder-width).  The pro ski is really a very simple machine... the SE is certainly more complex, and has more bells and whistles, but I'm not sure if that is necessarily better.


Anyway, I'm glad you got a machine that you are happy with Gumpee!  I think we can agree that these ski simulator machines are really awesome...  I'm quite happy with my pro ski (which is very sturdy, BTW, but does use bungee cords for tension, and they will wear out and need to be replaced every few years depending on usage... not a major expense, tho... they are just bungee cords after all)... it may not be a Beemer, but it gets me from point A to point B! :)

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There is also the pro fitter which is a cheaper option.  My main interest is to do one leg ski conditioning, so I'm not as concerned with the bells and whistles of the expensive machines.


Anyone use it? 

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Actually, with the discount to folks here on EpicSki, Skier's Edge is way cheaper!!!!!!biggrin.gif 


When I click on this link, it says my account does not have permission to view the page.  Does anyone know if this discount is still available?  And if so, how can I find the info?

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How do you get the discount?  I would like a skier's edge trainer but they are too expensive.

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Apparently the discount through EpicSki is no longer available... this was a couple years ago, and just happened to be a rep. from Skier's Edge that had a handful of extra machines for sale. The current promotion from Skier's Edge is $100 off any machine, plus a free accessory. Still very expensive, in my opinion. They do offer a financing/payment plan, however you'll end up paying an additional $1000 or more in the long run in interest. The sales manager at Skier's Edge suggested calling back in early-June, which is the end of their fiscal year and they usually have blowout sales & special promotions trying to empty their stock of old machines to make room for new inventory.

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How do people who have both compare the 2 machines on these points on Basi model SS vs T5 big mountain:


- 63" length of SE vs 69 inch length SS (Does longer length gives a more good work out)


- I see that SS has a cricular radius whereas SE has a different (mountian type) shape, does that give more ski siilar expaerience


- Considering the price difference, is that that different experience in both machines

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