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Hello, everybody! I beg your pardon for starting so many useless threads but may be this question will be of interest for some other guys as well.

I have recently started a thread about heliskiing in Alaska. I have been told that the best way for me is to go on a cat skiing trip first.

I decided to go to Steamboat Powdercats this year with a trip to CMH heliskiing the next year. After this I will possibly attempt to heliski in Alaska.
Thus I want a ski that would be a cat/heliskiing specific tool and would work fine for me during all those trips to come (hopefully).

Since I'm in Europe my attention was drawn to Birdos skis

But I'm not really sure which of their skis to choose.

So, please advice me on the skis and I'm open to any thoughts and I don't care about their (skis) bump/groomer performance, BTW. 

My current one ski quiver is 186 PMGear Lhasa Pow which I like everywhere from powder to groomers but may be there is some reason to get a more powder specific tool.