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Is it in fact true that Nordica bindings are made by Salomon? I have noticed that the hole pattern on the synaxis appears to be identicle to that of a Salomon S914 hole pattern. Also the heel piece and brakes have the same look to them as past Salomon Driver bindings. I am pretty certain that the heel on the N12/N2 carries the same hole pattern as all salomon bindings, but does the N12 also carry the same hole pattern in the front as the salomon driver toe?? This would mean that there are 4 screws instead of two or three. If so, where are the two other screws, all that i can see on them is two screws, and a possible single screw in the front much like the salomon quadrax toe. I have never held a pair of these bindings in my hands so i am not familiar with the hole patterns. My reasoning behind this is that i need salomon bindings, but if nordicas have the same hole pattern then im going to use those. The bindings are just for a pair of rock/training skis that i have so its not terribly important what their function is other than the fact that they hold me on my skis properly.