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Mojo,  You'll have to factor lack of memory retention skills, at least for me.   Downhill racers for the past 46 years merge into one huge Olympics of my mind, and I love downhill.

So how'd you like the story of America's first junior Luge team? It's really fun to build a sport from the snow (ice) up.

IMO, every woman who posted their support for a women's jumping team at the Olympics should (first) personally support a young girl into jumping, inspiration, support, money, training time. Then each of those girls will bring a friend in from racing, and the idea grows into a movement.
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Well, I am not trying to pick at anyone and I wasn't trying to diss ski jumping or those who follow it. I just found it a bit odd that people have been proclaiming their love for Ski Jumping and it's athletes but have trouble even naming a competitor. I think the issue is being a bit overblown here because this is a ski site and skiers here see it as someone picking on 'one of our own'. The fact that it is being made into a discrimation issue is another story. I don't hear anyone here complaining about them cancelling womens softball due to lack of public intererst and lack of competitors. They seem to believe the explanation given by the IOC for cancelling womens softball(lack of public interest and participating nations) but dismiss the same reasons given for not including womens ski jumping in the Olympics and are saying the IOC is doing this to  'hold women back.' Heck, even my fiance thinks the issue is overblown and she is always giving me trouble.  

In the future, if the IOC fInds there is enough public feedback and can field qualified participants who can compete on the Olympic level I am sure they will include it. Lack of competirors really is what is holding the IOC back, based on their supplied numbers and statements. Basically, I can see how they don't want to introduce the sport to the worldwide viewing aduience and have a few good jumpers and 30 'Eddie the Eagles.' It won't look that good, won't help the sport, and lots of folks won't take it serious. The result very likely might be that it ends up getting dropped from the Olympics and people complain and scream 'discrimination' even louder.  

I know absolutely nothing about luge, bobsled, or skeleton, either.  Like Ski Jumping, it's interesting to watch a few runs but beyond that, I never really was that interested in following such sports. It looks interesting, but like a NASCAR race, after watching vehiclse going around the same lap for more than five minutes it gets old very quickly. I know boblsed has an athletic componet to it but I kind of have always viewed it as a display of derring-do(i.e. balls) and the technical manipulation of a sled rather than hardcore athleticism. I think they put it in the Olympics so people wouldn't get bored watching figure skating when skiing events are done.  
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Women's Skier-Cross on NBC in a few minutes. Bad-a$#-chicks-on-sticks.
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 Watched it. I'm not much of a racer type, but man doesn't that look like fun!
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 VERY L A M E ... let the shorties jump!
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