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How to mount volkl mantras...

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Just wondering what the mounting reccomendation on a pair of 07/08 170cm Volkl Mantras is?

I've heard there is some debate as to mounting them as per the mark on the ski...

Can anyone clarify for me?
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 Shiny side up. 

All the ones I mounted, were on the line. Unlike some skis, I never really heard much of a debate when it came to Mantras. 
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 ditto what Phil said. i've rarely (if ever) seen anybody debate the mounting point on the Mantra.

the only thing i would question is the size you got. 170 is hella short, unless you're a small person.

at 5' 11" I ultimately found the 177 to be too short for the style of ski that the Mantra is. hope you at least demoed the 177 (and 184, depending on your size) before you plunked down on those 170s.

great ski, though. miss mine from time to time (and rue the day that I failed to demo the 184!)

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 I'm only little :-) 5'4"
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 On... The... Line!
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