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Stevens pass this year raised their rv lot passes to $ 2100.00 up from  $1200.00 . Under the roose that its the best lot on the mountain . Theese       guys       are       ripping      people     off   !!!      GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED  GREED

Doug Dayley CEO for Harbor Properties Supported the new RV lot price policy after John Gifford mountain manager and New employee Joel Martinez parking lot attendant cried that they could not handle the stress of managing the RV lot .

Stevens Pass used to be a mountain for the people ! The family could bring their RV up at an affordable price and plug into power . Many race team familys and ski school familys are now looking at other options rather than skiing . A family tradition has died at Stevens Pass !!! 

Stevens Pass started their assault by kicking out ski schools that had been in operation on the mountain for decades . The same ski schools that helped build the resort and its reputation !  

These people running the resort are out of touch with the people that gave this resort the name and reputation it has today !

Next time you visit the mountain ask anyone in the rv lots what they think !  be your own judge !  and by all means post your own thoughts on this issue. Make your voice be heard !
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 Stevens Pass (Harbor Properties) is out to do one thing: make money.  Customer service only comes when it will increase or maintain profits.  They must figure that there is enough demand to be able to charge those prices.  By nearly doubling the price they only have to fill about half of the spots they filled last year to bring in the same gross, yet costs will go down bringing net profits up.  This also leaves open slots for the non season pass holders who will bring in more money than the pass people.  Pretty sweet deal.  That's the free market system in all of its glory.

I've skied Stevens for 44 seasons so far and seen it change from a small business to part of a large corporation.  I liked it better the way it used to was, but I still ski it.  In the old days they didn't have hook ups for the RVs but they came up anyway and spent the weekend.  If a boycott could be arranged and you all just set up on the other side of the highway, there might be a response, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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Non pass holders will not be allowed to park there as the contract states now . The lot will sit half empty .  Your right about one thing its free market at its best. Only the RICH will be parking in that lot,  the low lifes will have to park down the hill somewhere else where they cant be seen. ITS SAD !
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Originally Posted by motorhome View Post

... and by all means post your own thoughts on this issue. Make your voice be heard !

OK. Here are my thoughts:

From my point of view, Stevens has catered to the race community to a ridiculous degree. Often at the expense of everyone else. Honestly, at least at Stevens, there is no other group on the mountain with such a consistently displayed sense of self-importance and entitlement as the race community. 

If Stevens can generate the revenue they need with a higher RV fee structure and thereby free staff to stay on top of issues impacting the majority of their customers - I have no issue with that. And I'm willing to bet they can fill the lot (or come close)  at that price anyway. That's how markets work.

While we are at it... I'm definitely all for them having a combo "no camping" and "paying customers only" policy in the coffee shop. Heck, even Monarch which is as retro and family friendly as any area I know manages their coffee shop that way. On any typical weekend day at Stevens, everything from coat hooks to seats at the coffee shop are claimed and defended for the full day by race families. Often with seats left unused much of the day and gear hanging from hooks untouched for hours on end. It'd be nice if that changed.

Maybe they can eliminate race use of key trails like Blue Trail on crowded days. The front side is bad enough as it is on Jan/Feb weekends. Choking off key runs so they are unavailable to most customers on the mountain does not help the ski experience for the vast majority of people on the mountain.
I have no particular like or dislike for racing as an activity. But when the recipients of blatant sweat-heart treatment - at the expense of the vast majority of customers - start whining because their perks are maybe being trimmed a tiny bit...well...hmmmmm...
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Glad Im not a race family person !  I too do not enjoy the mountain being congested by the racers or the sweetheart treatment they seem to demand . Although I do admit there might be some advertising value to having them in the industry .Or is there ?
  Stevens Pass has the Starbucks coffie shop which your right should be for paying customers only . There is the North east lodge that welcomes the brown bagers im not sure why Stevens Pass isnt using it to the fullest. It would certinally make the coffie shop experience in the center lodge more pleasurable . 
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All better now !

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Much better now !

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Originally Posted by motorhome View Post
Only the RICH will be parking in that lot

don't they usually sleep in hotels?

Originally Posted by motorhome View Post
 the low lifes will have to park down the hill somewhere else where they cant be seen.

who would that be?

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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post

don't they usually sleep in hotels?

who would that be?

There are no hotels within 16 miles of Stevens Pass.  The one that is available is not the kind of place that a rich person would typically choose to stay.  This is a day area, not a resort.


I think that the concerns of motorhome are overblown, but notice that they are also over a year old.

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ski photos 044.JPG( $35.00 a night )Stevens Pass has listened to the customer base and revised their motor home lot policy for the 2010 / 2011 season . My hat gos off to Joel Martinez for coming up with a plan that not only meets the resort needs and the USFS but also the users of the mountain . Affordable and fair use of the Forest service land is back .


 Looking forward to the up coming season the users of the RV lot have a chance to make things even better by abiding by the RV lot rules and regulations set forth by Stevens Pass . Self regulation with a smile will make this RV lot experience last for generations to come . It is our chance as" guests" of Stevens Pass to really show them we want this RV lot to live on .


Parking your RV at the proper angle and not blocking  the snow removal  loader with your car will keep the resort happy. If your not sure about how to park ask someone its a friendly place lets keep it that way . 



For those who have never been to the RV lot at Stevens Pass log onto their site to see all they have to offer .   

Edited by motorhome - 9/16/10 at 3:16pm
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Now if we could only get rid of John Gifford. I would support dragging him behind a motorhome down the pass.

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12-12-2010Stevens Pass 12-10-2010 070.JPG

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You were up there YESTERDAY?!  What a glutton for punishment.

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

You were up there YESTERDAY?!  What a glutton for punishment.

No kidding!  Motorhome, did you actually ski yesterday?  That's dedication if you did.

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just bought my week day pass $248.69. For all complaining here the pass is cheap! AS long as your not drinking and eating.

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Much better than "prior to all the complaining " that was going on !

Originally Posted by localtrips View Post

just reading here the Rv lot is $30 first come..Sounds reasonable.



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