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Anti-Spambot fix?

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I have an idea to cut down on the spam.

It seems like every spammer puts an e-mail addy in their post. Is there a way to make it impossible to post e-mail addresses in a post? Or maybe not impossible, just make a warning pop up if you do (say something about potentially comprimising your identity), and give an option to continue with the post or edit to remove the address. If the "user" continues to post the addy, the post gets automatically flagged for a moderator.

I'm guessing that 9/10 times an e-mail address gets posted it is spam.
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The development team has implemented an anti-spam program called Defensio.  It identifies posts that contain possible spam, including links and email addresses, and places those posts in a holding location where the moderators can screen them and decide it they are spam or not.  The system has some artificial intelligence features and learns as the moderators identify posts as spam or not-spam.   It has intercepted quite a bit of spam posts, and has also held non-spam posts for review.   Overall, I think it is going pretty well. 

We used to ban broad swaths of IP addresses and email addresses from suspected spammer domains.  This system is letting people join, but is holding suspicious posts for a manual review.  What you suggest seems to be one of the triggers that could get a post by a new member intercepted into the spam reviwe area.
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