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Money in Freeskiing?

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I love freeskiing but am wondering, is there any money to be made in it? It seems that all of the competions and sponcerships are in the park. I would really like to get to a competitive state with it but am not sure if that exists. Thanks guys.

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Not that I have any firsthand experience, but I don't think you can plan on making much money as a freeskier. 

Based on observations of the freeskiers I've known over the years, I'm guessing the best you could hope for would be to get enough money from sponsorships and such to pay your medical insurance and ski in some really cool places for a few years until you either injure yourself so badly that you can't ski anymore or you're so old that the audiences don't care about you anymore.

If you want to make money, you might want to investigate other career choices.
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Sorry for the hijack, but it's still related:

What about money filming freeskiing?
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Originally Posted by reducedfatoreo View Post

Sorry for the hijack, but it's still related:

What about money filming freeskiing?

Based on what seems to have been TGR's experience thus far, it seems like a great way to spend money rather than to make money.

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Why do you think it is called "free"skiing.
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Good one. I also have a "which ski question"; Knowing that i love the powder but live in washinton so our snow conditions arent always great and i find myself in the park ive narrowed my choices to the nordica zero and k2 obsethed. Any suggestions?
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you might have better luck getting people to answer that if you start a new thread
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I think the people making money in big mtn skiing like pollard, pep, bentchetler have all got started in the park to get recognized then moved on to the free skiing area and got all expenses paid trips in the process
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if your even thinking about making money your doing it all wrong.

FYI even Sage(one of the biggest names there is) runs a small business in SLC to help support himself with what he makes from sponsorship.
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thanks for the help guys.

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