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This is more of a Forum/community for backcountry skiers in New England with a focus on Mt. Washington and environs....




This pic from a regular poster, from a trip up the rockpile 11-2-10 link to the post more great pictures there http://timefortuckerman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13559



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My favorite ski blog to read is the WinterWomen blog, found at http://blog.winterwomen.com. I think it is awesome!! They are always posting informative threads and sometimes even topics non-ski related, which I love reading about as well. You'll have to check it out!! They also have interviewed two athletes, Kit DesLauriers (She is a do-it-all woman, climbing and skiing all of the seven summits) and Gabi Viteri, a Burton team rider--both interviews were fun to read!

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Im just saying... give Ski Till I Die a shot... might be worth looking into! (skitillidie.wordpress.com) 


I just started it 2 weeks ago... but Ill try to get at least 2 posts up a week and once the season starts I will have an update on every mountain we visit, along with the best Apres-ski options around, and maybe some of my ski stories sprinkled in there too.... keep shredding! Cheers-



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 like winter women. Also watch out for Vermont ski house scams on craigslist. http://www.localbigwig.com/home/blog/?p=3623

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My favorite skiing blog gives daily ski reports and weather conditions at www.mammothskiclub.com/blog/


Check it out!

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I would say my favorite ski blog/social network right now is www.allmountainaccess.com and then I would say my favorite blog only to follow would be http://coloradobackcountry.wordpress.com/.


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Calling the EpicSki community!  We need your help!

On EpicSki, we now have the ability to share some content and links with our favorite ski blogs.  We're already working with a great blog called Feedthehabit.com to give you even more fun things to read.  But what other blogs are your favorites?  Which ones are YOUR go-to's?  Which would you like to see featured on EpicSki and vice versa?

Bring on the suggestions. 

At this exact moment, we're currently working with blogs operated on the WordPress platform, but don't worry too much about that.  All we need to know is which are your favorite ski blogs and we'll take care of the rest of the research.


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Living in Whistler so follow this one for news, videos, stories etc. Local but awesome.


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http://pointofrelease.com is a good one for photos, videos, and news around Jackson Hole.  


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Humbly adding my blog here. Hope you guys will check it out and give me some feedback. Just hoping to share my insight and experiences and help ski enthusiasts take their skiing to the next level. 



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errr... I don;t tend to follow blogs - I just look at 32ski for my school ski trips! Does anyone know of a blog for educational trips?

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Don't forget Unofficialnetworks ..for Squaw, Whistler ...Jackson etc - they are a great read. 


I also like the Facebook pages for lifttickets.com for deals like $19 and $28 day tickets. 

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I put occasional stuff up related to what people ask me in clinic. Most of my skiing patients do very little exercise in the weeks before a ski trip. Then they think it is too late to do it and don't get active in the last week or two. But the biggest changes in fitness occur in the first two weeks so I tell to get exercising - even if it just the gentle stuff - it is better than nothing. Here are my further thoughts on it http://sundialclinics.co.uk/?p=1697

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avatar4.jpgKeep 'em coming, folks. Thanks!

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Well, I'm going to admit to a bias, but I think my blog on skiing and snowboarding in Switzerland is definitely the best on the subject - http://www.swisswintersports.com. It is also backed up by a database of over 200 locations, around 100 of which I have skiied, at http://www.swisswintersports.co.uk. The emphasis is on skiing and snowboarding, but other winter sports opportunities in Switzerland are covered, plus in-deth information on how to get to the resorts.

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I think http://thebackcountrybums.com/ is a great ski blog. They have entertaining videos and some funny content. I've heard that theyre out of commission for the summer but coming back this winter.
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There's a guy locally who blogs about record albums and skiing.  Not sure if it's what you are looking for or not.  This is a link to the skiing topics:  http://northernrockiesview.com/category/skiing-the-big-mountain/  Since the site is really just anything he wants to talk about, not sure this qualifies.  

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Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. We've kinda let this project get away from us, but will be revisiting "soon." 

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Hello! Ok my top 3 must have ski blogs are…







Hope you like!


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There are a few great ones out there....the place that I've been spending the most internet time in the last two years is on Ski Mad World, my own blog:


- some of the TRs I've written in various ski forums in the last 10 years, new TRs of old trips, etc.

- list of all my ski days since I started keeping track.

- it has some videos related to the generally ski culture found on the internet (now once a month - used to be once a week).

- a sampling of my collections of brochures and ski maps (one post a week).

- inventories of my ski magazines and ski movies (list of books has been in draft mode for the last 18 months).

- there are a few links to a few blogs, but like at all other aspect of the blog; it's a work in progress.

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One of the best sites that I know of is http://TetonAT.com which probably will not be updated any longer. The owner, Steve was killed in an avalanche in the Jackson Hole backcountry in March. If you have time, check it out as it is an excellent read.


Also, I roll on the floor whenever I watch this video. http://www.tetonat.com/2010/02/03/the-truth-about-powder-skis

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Nice links.  Thanks for posting. 


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My favorite ski blog is Tetonart.com :D very informative site.

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Has anyone checked out my Ski & Snowboarding blog? http://blog.simplypiste.com/ I update it daily with posts so please take a peek!


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Found this Blog while checking out a review by one of our locals, here on EpicSki. 



Pretty interesting ready. beercheer.gif

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I recently came across this one. A lot of passion there:
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Humbly adding  mine to the list:



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