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The other day, I was asked to play golf with some friends of mine after they had exhausted calling all of the good players they usually play with. 

Since the local golf club only has 70 members, good players sometimes have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to make up a foursome during the week.

I can catch salmon near my house now, so I can't always go out and play golf at the drop of a fishing pole. But this time I did.

While I was busy trying to get into my shoes with the spikes on them, I was also watching the group ahead of us. They had rented two carts with internal combustion engines, and one of their carts had a blown muffler, so it sounded like a broken weed-whacker. 

I'm not the best at golf. In fact, I have never played a round of golf without losing at least a six-pack of golf balls. Thankfully, when I go looking for my poorly hit golf balls, I can usually find them a bit more easily than others because mine are yellow and have a black stripe around them. 

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