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Originally posted by kneedropper:
Ant - You have adults inquiring as to whether or not it's OK to hit or run into folks while skiing? Your'e kidding!? Is it tourist vs. altitude-related stupidity? [img]smile.gif[/img]
erm. Hence my looking for a slightly more upmarket hill this season.
i'm not kidding, you know how when you teach first timers, someone ALWAYS asks if there's a right and left ski?
Well, at some point in the lesson I'd say "in skiing or boarding, you are not allowed ot run into people. You must never, ever hit another person". and i'd wait for it, and inevitably SOMEONE would say "but surely it's OK if it's an accident?" I'd explain Rule 1 of the skiier's code, plus the give way to those ahead rule. and sometimes, they'd still want to argue about it.

To them, control while skiing was a maybe, not an absolute. I found this very frustrating and depressing. Makes it all the more important to drum it into the kids, they will nag their parents.
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ooooo - we have 10

The seven are sort of the same -but sort of different

I know an instructor who asks kids "If a big person hits a little person who gets hurt the most" - so they get the idea that THEY are in the most danger ina collision.
Then again - same person teaches kids to watch out when skiing past the on mountain lunch spot that MOST long lunches are taken in. - It is at a WIDE part of a trail & a spot many of them will pass by a lot - they are trained to give WIDE berth in the afternoons. ooops - but probably realistic
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Kareela Hutte! Is that it?
You also have to watch out, a certain elderly instructor sometimes hucks huge air over the deck. I was on it once when he did this! It was incredible.
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Yep Ant - got it in 1.
& yeah there are a few other reasons to avoid close quarters if you are small. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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